Artist: Duran & Aytek
Title: Futurehope EP
Label: Deep Records
By: Simon Jones | 11 February 2004
  • A: Futurehope
  • B: Elysium

Duran & Aytek "Futurehope EP"

Out Now on Deep Records

Deep continue to apply the pressure as we head further into 2004. Duran and Aytek's 'Futurehope EP' is the second release of the year for this consistent and diverse label, highlighting these fine producers who, even with several releases to their credit, still remain overlooked for the most part. The EP contains two tracks, both of which stem from a recent redevelopment of the duo's sound, leading the way for a whole new range of material to watch out for over the coming months.

The title track 'Futurehope' is a rather cool chunky and melody inspired house track, fuelled by smooth percussive grooves and eerie atmospheric waves that pan back and forth across the developing soundscape. Twinkling effects compliment the melodic drops that are placed strategically throughout the track, with rapid key changes building the tempo and mood perfectly, with melodic lines and driving bass that remind of some James Holden's work sliding in at the end to wrap things up.

'Elysium' meanwhile ventures into the world of breakbeats, loose rhythms, tight percussion and big stabs collaborating to deliver the big groove of the track. Electronic snares and a monster pulsating riff soon turn the track on it's head as it drops into a heads down groove where cool sub bass and piano refrains take over for the devastating second half. Watch the sneaky vocal hook knock the floor for six as it flutters over the top. Try this out for yourself and you'll see what I mean!

Another well produced and diverse offering from one of Europe's leading exported labels. With future releases already lined up from Mick Burns, the excellent 16 Bit Lolitas and a huge single from Powerplant, it looks as if Deep have no signs of easing off the pressure pedal anytime soon.

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