Artist: Duran & Aytek
Title: The Vision EP
Label: Deep Records
By: Simon Jones | 10 June 2004
  • A1: First Sight
  • B1: Second Sight
  • B2: Catalepsy

Duran & Aytek "The Vision EP"

Out Now on Deep Records

It was only at the start of the year that Duran & Aytek made their first appearance on Deep Records with the 'Futurehope EP' and now they are back once again with a second collection of tracks, the 'Vision EP'. Picking up where the last left off, there are three tracks included here, with the 4/4 'First Sight' on the a-side, and breakbeat joints 'Second Sight' and 'Catalepsy' over on the b-side, showcasing the diversity and forward thinking sounds that we have to expect from this stellar label.

'First Sight' is an unashamed journey through progressive, it's floaty 4/4 beats and ethereal melodic hooks fusing together to create an awesome big room epic that whilst not too dissimilar to many other tracks of the genre, will win you over with it's stunning chimes and pumping grooves, not to mention the jaw dropping breakdown that cuts through the driving soundscape and lifts it to another level, proving that just when you think the rules have been set, that they can be broken at the blink of an eyelid.

'Second Sight' is the first of the two breakbeat outings on the b-side, a sublime downtempo piece that will dazzle with it's low slung, punchy kicks, and a melody that shimmers in the centre with an elegance and grandeur that's almost cinematic in sound. However, don't think for a second that this loses view of the dancefloor as the rumbling finale will ensure this can hold it's own if it needs to. It's 'Catalepsy' however, that heads straight for the centre of the floor, a haunting ethnic influenced breaks cut that rocks with more than it's acoustic guitar sample, bringing the final missing element to the EP, whilst standing out on it's own merit at the same time.

Few labels have managed to maintain the consistency rate that Deep has over the past months, with the label's run of hot releases now stretching to almost a year. This EP is another well rounded and impressive selection of tracks that you'll find yourself returning to time and time again, so you better make space in your box for yet another release, as the label continues to take over record boxes worldwide.

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