Artist: Dream Traveller
Title: Structure / Headpusher
Label: Fade Records
By: Simon Jones | 4 July 2003
  • A: Structure
  • B: Headpusher

Dream Traveller "Structure / Headpusher"

Out Now on Fade Records

Dream Traveller is the alias of producer Joey Fehrenbach, formerly of techno act Prometheus which achieved relative success in the early to mid 90s. It was however the track 'Time' that brought him much attention, being the only stateside talent to be featured on the inaugural Tranceport cd mixed by Paul Oakenfold. From there he has built a reputation for himself, which is continued with this latest single on Fade Records.

'Structure' kicks things off, building a deep and eerie progressive groove around a melancholic vocal chant that flows in and out of the beats that sweep across of the groove, taking control as the beats fade away. Electronic synths introduce a tangent on which the pace shifts and the mood builds in a different direction, slipping into a emotional vocal-led break that melts perfectly into the outro which ends the track in subtle and graceful style.

'Headpusher' draws from the same influences as 'Structure' but does something different with them. Intricate drum percussion layers add to a driving bassline that pushes forward, soft loops keeping things interesting. As the drums intensify, the groove takes on a darker feel which is the perfect accompaniment for the deep vocal that is teased in slowlys, as effects fill in the gaps until the vocal is fully unravelled into the track, offering a soothing, shimmering edge to the final section of the track.

Two delicious slices of progressive house placed back to back on one vinyl. Like Chris Fortier's 'Whateveritis', this oozes quality, and this label isn't one I see fading away anytime soon..

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