Artist: Drax & Gooding
Title: Harder
Label: Harlem Records
By: Chloe Harris | 27 May 2004
  • A: Vocal Mix
  • B: Dub Mix

Drax & Gooding "Harder"

Out Now on Harlem Records

Drax & Gooding are back with a heavy release for Steve Lawler's acclaimed label Harlem Records. Drax aka Adam Routh and Pete Gooding have had recent success with their two releases on Underground Sounds of Renaissance and have appeared on quite a few mix compilations. Their new release 'Harder' does as it says and with squelchy acid, fierce drumming, and a female vocal, this tune was made for a peak time floor.

'Harder' is a filthy twisted tune with massive peaks, female vocals and squelching acid sounds. Heavy dirty drums and female vocals that spin from speaker to speaker start things off. The song picks up into a high hat frenzy, while the song builds and builds. Ravey stabs pound into the drums and vocals, while and acid line goes nuts. 'Harder' builds into a massive pop again and keeps going with the acid till the end.

The remix is a deeper chuggier version. The vocals are there and the high hat frenzy is there, but the acid line has been changed into a bassline that grooves a bit more underneath. The ravey sounds have moved into techier sounding stabs, but the whole tune still maintains the banging tribal edge.

Steve Lawler's label Harlem churns out another big room house tune. 'Harder' doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but it will definitely create chaos on the dance floor.

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