Artist: Dousk
Title: Estrange EP (Part Two)
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 5 January 2006
  • A: Wrist Slap (Kasey Taylor & Karlos Elizondo Edit)
  • B: Estrange (Breaks Version)

Dousk "Estrange EP (Part Two)"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

With part one of the 'Estrange EP' having given us two great tracks, part two of the latest EP from Dousk features a remix of one his tracks from Kasey Taylor & Karlos Elizondo. Karlos is a Mexican DJ who has been working for many years in Mexico warming up for DJs like Sasha and Diggers, and it's this way that Kasey and Karlos came to know each other, but 'Wristslap' marks their first collaborative project. Meanwhile, on the flip we get a breaks remix of 'Estrange' to wrap things up.

'Wristslap' is remixed into a very driving progressive monster. Huge drums kick and stomp their way into a spacey atmosphere that drops out before a light low synth creeps into the forefront with a rumbling bassline. Synths start to layer in building upon the drums and bassline, chugging and chugging until it pops into an ambient break introducing a wobbling hook that moves up and down notes. A swish of a sound comes over the break starting it back into the drums for a long building peak to the end.

The breakbeat reworking of 'Estrange' sticks pretty close to the original, but has more focus on the big breaky booms. The bassline is heavier in places, but the same grooves and watery ambience still sits in there. The overall vibe here is a bit happier than the original, with a nice head bobbing feel.

This second part of the 'Estrange EP' isn't as good as the first, but offers some variation to the overall package. With his debut album 'D.I.Y.' on shelves, and an excellent back catalogue of work which we've mentioned so many times, fans of Dousk will no doubt check this out regardless, but in comparison, it just falls somewhat short of the excellence we've become accustomed to.

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