Artist: Dousk
Title: EP (Disc Two)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Chloe Harris | 15 July 2004
  • A: Pa Dida
  • B: The Novel

Dousk "EP (Disc Two)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Following on from Dousk's first 12" on Bedrock, this second 12" of his EP captures a similar vibe and texture, and stays with that deep groove that made the original so great. 'Pa Dida' and 'The Novel' are both very smooth progressive tunes that John Digweed himself has been caning for months. They slip nicely in your mind with their pretty harmonies and low bass that moves.

'Pa Dida' starts in with light tribal drumming. Toms and high hats that are sparse, but the depth is what makes this tune so beautiful. A slight stomping groove moves up keys, pulsing underneath the drums creating a solid groove. Lots of reverb is put on every sound, creating a vast space for tiny melodies to trickle in and spacey tones to wave in the background. Falling into a break, new uplifting synths are added building into a lovely harmony once the drums kick back in. Female vocal snips play of the synths, adding another layer to this dramatic, yet perfectly simple tune.

A metallic synth starts the ambient introduction of 'The Novel'. The closing track to this full EP is a smooth ride through melancholy sounds and liquid synths. Helicopter high hats build along with a kick, which works into a slow tribal house beat and a low bass groove sets in moving ever so softly down keys and sways with the synths. At a break, pads stab down into the sounds, taking the tune over and following it out with a dreamy feeling.

John Digweed and Bedrock have chosen some of the most beautiful and interesting music that I've heard this year. Dousk has the ability to get inside your head with his gorgeous sounds and his perfectly structured arrangements. Here's to the future, where great things await for John Ntouskos.

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