Artist: Dousk
Title: EP (Disc One)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Chloe Harris | 5 July 2004
  • A: Life Under
  • B: Mute

Dousk "EP (Disc One)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Born in Athens in 1979, Dousk aka John Ntouskos is an artist from beautiful Greece who creates a diverse selection of electronic music including house, techno, experimental and ambient. In 1999 he finished his course studies, which included classical music, jazz and piano as well as the production side of things. He's put his knowledge to work and has come up with a great selection of music for John Digweed's Bedrock imprint, two of which form this first part of an EP.

'Life Under' is a melodic chugging tune with a head-bobbing groove. A sweet trippy voice starts in creating the melody while drums build slowly behind it. With a lot of depth, the minimal drum sounds take flight, adding toms and light high hats and building into a sweet groove. A darker stab rumbles in the background adding another layer of percussion and dropping into a short break. A low bass boom follows, and the kick climbs back in as the tune builds once more around warm swirling tones and stabs, while the shuffling and bubbling groove takes the tune to the end.

'Mute' is a deeper tune with gnarly bass and a tiny melodic groove. Minimal drums start building with a smooth shuffling kick and little clicks and claps and works into a pulsing gritty bassline. Light drops of melody fall into the drums and a sliding synth rolls over the beats dropping into a deep spacey break. Warm pad stabs build into a nice rhythm, which drops back into the drums and bass and begins breaking down from there. This is such a simple groove, but works so well creating a dreamy state.

Dousk has created some gorgeous music for his debut on Bedrock. Each song is a breath of fresh air, full of tones, depth and bass, and show much promise for this young producer's future.

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