Artist: Dousk
Title: DIY (EP One)
Label: Klik Records
By: Chloe Harris | 14 February 2006
  • A: Chrysalis (Revisited)
  • B: Robot (Out Of Batteries Mix)

Dousk "DIY (EP One)"

Out Now on Klik Records

Dousk steps out on Klik Records again for the first release in a series of EPs off his highly acclaimed album, 'D.I.Y.'. 'Chrysalis' and 'Robot' are two very different tunes from each other, with the latter being more techno inspired, while the former is a good ol' progressive chugger. Both represent the many different sounds and stylings of this talented Greek artist.

The EP starts with 'Chrysalis', the seventh song off the album which is masterful tune that drives along with progressive 4/4 beats, and has been revisited especially for this EP. A huge bassline steps in moving quickly up a sweet chord pattern that takes hold of it all. A fantastic drive builds as light synths tickle the background, looming in and out of the speakers. Shuffling stabs kick in bringing more intensity to the baseline and background, while a new sweep lead takes control peaking upwards and dropping it all off into a break that’s filled with a soothing atmosphere of washy ethereal sounds. They climb slowly on top of soft break beats which build back into the heavier drums and the charging rhythm.

Robot is the third tune off the album and here it receives a clever remix. The 'Out Of Batteries Mix' starts out with filtered drums that drop off quickly into a thick spaced out housey groove. A plucked rolling synth covers the background adding a wicked mid that travels perfectly and falls off again, but this time, into a quick change of stabbing Detroit influenced synths. The chugging feeling gets going while tiny highs twinkle up top but become smothered by crunchy industrial like drum sounds. The song picks up a simple sweep of a synth which creeps in slowly and breaks falling off with the drums which take on a dramatic change. Bursting back into a techy groove after a nice set up, the song chugs along chasing the tiny high twinkles until the end.

As it's been said, Dousk is an incredible producer. He's able to go from ambient to progressive to house to techno without falling too far into one style. This first EP featuring the revisited version of 'Chrysalis’ and the fantastic 'Out Of Batteries Mix' of 'Robot' from the album, 'D.I.Y.' is a testament to that.

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