Artist: Dousk
Title: D.I.Y.
Label: Klik Records
By: Chad Harnish | 30 November 2005
  1. All About You
  2. Anagram
  3. Robot
  4. As If
  5. Florence
  6. Espero Sun
  7. Chrysalis
  8. Busmekanik
  9. Feign
  10. Sidewalk Lovin'
  11. Bubbles
  12. Page Up
  13. Dongle
  14. Falling People

Dousk "D.I.Y."Dousk "D.I.Y."

Out Now on Klik Records

This has just released so I apologize for not giving you earlier notice, but finally, here is your official heads up.

First of all, I stumbled upon Dousk’s ‘D.I.Y.’. It wasn’t recommended to me or even sent to me in particular. But there it was in our review pool awaiting its evaluation. So I popped it in and with much surprise, I have been playing ‘D.I.Y.’ repeatedly since I discovered it. This album covers so many styles of electronic music that it never feels old.

Yiannis Douskos aka Dousk comes to us from Greece and partnering with Klik Recordings delivers his debut full lengther ‘D.I.Y’. It comes with 14 previously unreleased tracks so don’t expect a regurgitation of his previous releases on Bedrock Records, Vapour Recordings, Blaq Velvet Recordings or even his single ‘Bummer’ which appeared on Dave Seaman’s ‘Across Borders: Greece’ compilation. Instead, ‘D.I.Y’ delivers 14 new tracks that covers the incredible diversity Dousk has demonstrated in his short career. He is in his mid twenties afterall. Described in the press release as “…a multi layered album that can be appreciated on a pair of headphones as well as pounding through a big sound system.” I personally prefer the headphones for this one.

I give this LP a 9 which is reserved for those very special albums that have long lasting lives. To give you a reference point, two other LPs that I include in that class are Way Out West’s “Don’t Look Now”, and Sasha’s “Airdrawndagger.” Speaking of Way Out West, Jody Wisternoff has reportedly called Dousk’s album "really wicked." I agree.

From his very soft introduction using “All About You,” to the ambient ending with “Falling People,” Dousk manages to captivate me the entire way through. The tracks are so varied in style that it feels like an expertly mixed compilation of various artists. It is like a great lush ballad with tons of emotion. Artists that would be represented include DJ Shadow, the Future Sound of London, Sultan, Holmes Ives and 16B to name a few.

It must be terribly difficult for an artist to be able craft music around so many genres and do it well. Just take a look at the few artists that have pulled it off. They are the ones who are able to differentiate themselves in such a large field of electronic musicians. Perhaps it is Dousk’s studies in classical music, which allow him such freedom of motion within genres.

In closing, Dousk’s ‘D.I.Y.’ has a very soft intrusion into your life and allows you to let your mind wonder incessantly. It will no doubt stay in my play queue for some time and has introduced me to another outstanding artist. Pay attention to Dousk readers. This is your official heads up.

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