Artist: Don Diablo
Title: Down The Drain
Label: Boombox Records
By: Chloe Harris | 13 May 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Audio Support Unit Mix

Don Diablo "Down The Drain"

Out Now on Boombox Records

Don Diablo, a Dutch DJ and Producer who has amassed over 60 releases in the last few years steps out with a beastly tune for one of the UK's most prominent labels, Boombox Records. Don has never been one to stay with just one genre and here he changes his sound once again, taking on a new electro house sound with fat breaks and huge peaks that destroy the dancefloor.

'Down The Drain' is a huge bumpy number with fat bass and a stompy electro house feel. The beats and bass start up the funk while vocal samples crunch in between the beats. A massive air raid horn creeps in building with intensity as it grows to the front, peaking before it drops back into a fantastic groove built along retro 16 bit electro sounds and the bumping bass. The intensity builds again as the horn comes back in pulling it all up once more before banging it down again. This is an incredible natural high that will tweak the floor out and into a frenzy.

Staying true to Boombox's clientele, a breakier mix hits on the flip courtesy of Audio Support Unit. The lads drop in with fast and frantic two-step flavoured breaks that work cleverly to keep your feet moving, while the stompy vibe has been tuned down. Watery effects layer into the background and strange telephone-like sounds keep your ears glued, while the monotone bassline sets it all up till the end.

Don Diablo and Boom Box Records release a huge tune this May. 'Down The Drain' is peaktime breaky house music that does a body good.

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