Artist: Dominic Plaza
Title: Sounds Rushing
Label: Fokused Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 24 January 2005
  • A: David West Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Dominic Plaza "Sounds Rushing"

Out Now on Fokused Recordings

As another year begins, so does another label, and this time it's Swedish uber-DJ and promoter Parham Shafti who unveils his new imprint Fokused Recordings. The first release coming from Dominic Plaza who, following on from several collaborative projects with Parham, kicks off the label with the brooding 'Sounds Rushing'.

Hammering the significance of this inaugural release home, the a-side features a remix from Antiloop's 'David West', who as you might expect injects huge amounts of energy and emotion into the track. Taking the original's main elements and placing particular emphasis on the lead vocal, West delivers a cool and classy club mix that is already getting great reactions right across the board.

Dominic Plaza's 'Original Mix' in comparison is a moodier piece with tremendous depth and hypnotic charm. Warm tones and melodic loops conceal a subtle groove that carries things forward, and this late night style mix is the perfect contrast to David West's big room take on things.

Fokused kick things off on the right foot, aiming for that niche that exists between the big rooms and more intimate, smaller dance floors, and strike the bulls eye with this debut by Dominic Plaza, and hopefully this is what we can expect more of in the months to come.

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