Artist: Digital Witchcraft
Title: Fingerpaint
Label: Proton Music
By: Jason Calvert | 19 July 2005
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. R&M Mix
  • 3. Opencloud 'Welcome Back To Earth' Mix

Digital Witchcraft "Fingerpaint"

Out Now on Proton Music

Proton Radio has been a favourite amongst the scene for quite some time now. When noticing that their most frequently played tracks were not signed, they decided to start up the Proton Music label, geared towards signing high quality dance music and ensuring artists receive the profits they deserve from the music.

The first release on the label comes from Marcus Andrew and Ned Shepard, better known as Digital Witchcraft. From making their debut on Proton's Rhytmaculture show in 2003, they caused shockwaves throughout the scene, with their blissfully beautiful sound. Their track Fingerpaint was first encountered as the introduction to a Way Out West set on BBC Radio One back in late 2003. It had a dialogue snippet sampled over it from the film Mulholland Drive, giving it a very eerie feel. Since then, many have been eagerly awating its release, which is finally here. A remix competition was run to get the other mixes to be released with it, and well over 400 entries were submitted.

The Original Mix presented here is still as enrapturing as the day we heard it back in 2003. The smoothly layered effect click together perfectly to form a flourishing atmosphere, in which the cool melody glides over. A soothing bassline underlies the track, giving it a sound which is both rich and mellow at the same time. An ambrosial piece of music overall.

Icelandic producers Roofuz and Mr. Minute form the duo R&M, who's remix was Digital Witchcraft's personal choice for winner of the remix competition. The mix takes the track to a deeper level, with a much more upfront bassline propelling the track forward. Some added percussion ensures that all elements are taken to this deeper level. The way in which every detail of the original has been reworked to ensure cohesiveness is a major credit to R&M, and makes it quite clear why this mix was the winner of the competition. Whilst it may not be as atmospherically graceful as the original, this new direction is very refreshing, and this is definately an indication that we need to be keeping a keen eye on any releases to come from R&M.

Proton Radio's personal choice as the Runner Up for competition comes from Opencloud, an outfit consisting of Blake Potter and Corey Spengler. This banging peak time interpretation of the track has found its way into some of the biggest DJs record boxes, and it is easy to see why. An extremely tight backing melody is introduced, which definately has the dancefloor in mind. The lighter melodies are introduced over the top, and with the exception of a few filters thrown in, they stay relatively true to the original. It if often quite a task to change the direction of a track so much whilst still retaining the fundamental foundations of the original, and Opencloud pull it off amazingly.

An absolute stellar debut release for Proton Music, and with future releases queued from Opencloud, Formulate, and Baggage Handlers, it is obvious that this label is easily going to build a large following. As for Digital Witchcraft, Fingerpaint is another gem to add to their increasing discography of quality tracks. A definate release not to be missed.

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