Artist: Digital Witchcraft
Title: Brindavan / Pocket Universe
Label: Opek Music
By: Chad Harnish | 2 December 2003
  • A: Brindavan
  • B: Pocket Universe

Digital Witchcraft "Brindavan / Pocket Universe"Digital Witchcraft "Brindavan / Pocket Universe"

Out Now on Opek Music

Deep in the dense jungle of electronic music, a great bright sound emanates. It is a tightly refined sound that is pushed forward by a deep bass line and a solid backing breakbeat. It is the sound of Digital Witchcraft’s “Brindavan.” The soulful, tear inspiring track is laced with female sighs, piano sprinklings and tough driving breaks. Building and dropping in all the right places, “Brindavan” has raw power delivered in a subtle, soft package. Pay attention DJs, this is Sasha material.

“Pocket Universe” rides shotgun on this single from Opek and delivers an equally brilliant showing. With a long spacey introduction, “Pocket Universe” grows to fruition and bears a beautiful ambience that is tightly woven into sick breaks. The track is painted with a female voice that pulls emotion from every direction. As with “Brindavan, ”the Witchcraft duo keep this atmospheric breaker on the slow side but still manage to convey a world of force with their tough break beats.

Accolades to Digital Witchcraft and Opek on this smart single featuring two radiant breaks tracks. Be sure to catch the recent interview Simon was able to get from the busy duo where they discuss the remix package for this single that is scheduled on Opek. Remixers on that package are breaks masters Momu and Grayarea.

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