Artist: Desyn Masiello
Title: Bedrock Original Series: OS.0_1
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 September 2004
  1. Future Beat Alliance – Fake Love
  2. Kinky Funk - Monodrama
  3. Rowan Blades & John Graham - Phonky Somma
  4. Nicolas Valee - Generation X
  5. Lady B - Cruising Around Motor City
  6. Prawler - Frisco
  7. Community Spirit - Joyous Loop
  8. Jamie Anderson - Time Is Now
  9. Stylophonic - All Nite Long
  10. Sebastian Ingrosso & John Dahlback - Stockholm Disco EP
  11. Andy Slate - Disko Powder EP
  12. Harry Peat - Affrodissiac

Desyn Masiello "Bedrock Original Series: OS.0_1"Desyn Masiello "Bedrock Original Series: OS.0_1"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

With the 'Compiled & Mixed' series having cemented Bedrock's reputation in the compilation market, each and every release is speculated and rumoured upon for months before any official announcement is made. However, never one to be predictable, John Digweed always manages to find a way of constantly surprising us, taking his Bedrock brand off in many different directions. You only have to look at some of the artists who have made an appearance on the Bedrock label in recent times for evidence of this, or reflect upon the diverse line up after diverse line up that have graced the decks of Heaven in London where the famous Bedrock club nights are held. More recently John has embraced the world of breakbeat with a compilation series and label called Bedrock Breaks, and once again he throws another surprise our way with the launch of a new compilation venture once again.

'The Original Series' sees Bedrock venture back to it's roots, focusing on some of the finest current and future stars the underground scene has to offer. The first DJ to appear on the series is a young man by the name of Desyn Masiello. A creative and inspiring DJ who already has a considerable following amongst peers and fans alike, Desyn has steadily become one of the true stars on the rise in the last few months, his unique approach and enthusiasm to his craft being almost obsessive, be it searching through the bargain bins for that rare overlooked gem, or in the studio re-editing tracks to give his sets a special twist or moment, and here you have a guy who is always looking to make people enjoy themselves - and he achieves that on a very consistent basis.

The album is a 70 minute plus overview of what Desyn is capable of as a DJ. Starting off deep and moody with tracks such as Future Beat Alliance's 'Fake Love' and 'Monodrama', the latest production from Danny Howells & Dick Trevor's Kinkyfunk project, Desyn sets the tone for what is to come. Indeed, in it's first few minutes this cd manages to create a spacious, floating mood that coupled with the re-editing that has been carried out throughout the album creates a soundscape that melts seamlessly from one track to track as if they were one, but this opening combination is just stunning, and leaves you anticipating the rest of the album when it's only just begun. Rowan Blades & John Graham's 'Phonky Somma' stands out, it's gliding sounds and upbeat tempo instigating a shift in the tempo of the album, moving from the deeper end of the spectrum into a funkier, melodic and driving second half. Tracks from Nicolas Valee and Lady B drive home the aforementioned fact of how Desyn seeks out some of the overlooked and often rare gems, and they both contribute greatly to this mix.

As 'Frisco' rolls into the mix, you only have to refer to the artist name of Prawler to get the sense that dirtiness is not far away, and its very much the case as this filtered house track really hits hard with its rocking groove and hypnotic beats laying down the law. Siren effects pan over the top, rising in and out of the groove in trippy fashion, and as we move through the remainder of the mix this is a direction that is explored further. Jamie Anderson's 'Time Is Now' is lovely funky house track with a melodic twist that makes it sound quite unlike many other tracks of it's genre, and this is where Desyn Masiello shines as he is capable using and re-editing tracks that quite often fall outside of the usual boundaries. Stylophonic's 'All Nite Long' for me is one of the best tracks on the album, a twisted and winding bassline complimented by some awesome riffs and a Daft Punk-esque vocal that develops from a warm house track into an absolutely monstrous techno influenced monster. Desyn flicks through his vast collection of EPs and pulls out tracks by Sebastian Ingrosso & John Dahlback and Andy Slate as we read the penultimate moments of the album, with the grand finale being the massive Harry Peat track 'Affrodissiac'. A staple of Desyn's sets for many months, and a forthcoming release on his own Alternative Route label, this is quite possibly one of the most infectious tracks I've heard in a long time. It's twisted disco funk is the perfect climax to what for me is an incredible mix, as Desyn Masiello brings everything he has to the dance, and then some.

Bedrock once again strike gold thanks to the highly talented Desyn Masiello, with this debut release in the Original Series far exceeding my own expectations. In fact it's one of the freshest, most creative mixes I've heard in some time, as Desyn's growth and consistency as a DJ is highlighted prominently here, and those that follow in this series have a lot to live up to, as the standard has well and truly been set.

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