Artist: Desyn Masiello
Title: Balance 008
Label: EQ Grey
By: Jason Calvert | 20 November 2005
  1. Will Saul - Mbria
  2. New Ordinament - Dusty Little Kid Presents: Jerry Cala
  3. Clashing Egos Feat Jelle Paulusma - Love Sweet Love (Sterac Electronics Dub)
  4. Williams - Love Crisis
  5. Chelonis Jones - One On One (DM Edit)
  6. Babak Shayan - Flowers
  7. Rene Amesz - Cabilla
  8. Mark Clement - The Tunnel (Francois K Visions Of Saturn Mix)
  9. The Visitor - Our Lips Are Sealed (Dub)
  10. New Ordinament - Dusty Little Kid Presents: Dusty Kid Adventure
  11. Soulsearcher - Cant Get Enough (Derek Howell Mix)
  12. The Idiots - Teardrop
  13. Chris Lake - Piano Tool

Desyn Masiello "Balance 008"Desyn Masiello "Balance 008"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Deep Dish dubbed him their "future DJ hero". Sander Kleinenberg holds him in highest regard. Even Danny Howells champions him. The time has come for Desyn Masiello to step up to the decks for one of the most prestigious series going around at the moment: Balance. The Australian label EQ Grey kicked off the series back in 2001 with an absolute stormer from fellow Aussie Sean Quinn, and since then the series has been graced by the likes of Phil K, Anthony Pappa, James Holden, and of course the last huge outing from Chris Fortier.

What one first notices about the compilation is its intriguing tracklist. Masiello mixes up some of the freshest cuts of now with tracks from a few years back, and his magical touch seems to bring the mixes to life. Every single cut sounds as good as it did when it was first released, and if a certain track didn't quite fit the bill, Masiello would re-edit it to suit. A true sign of somebody dedicated with a burning passion to what they do. It is of no wonder as to why Desyn Masiello is being heralded as a legend. Simply put, it is because he is!

Will Saul's smashing "Mbira" sets the tone for the first disc, and this gives the listener a sense of the atmosphere they can expect for the rest of it. It is notable how coherently this atmosphere is adhered to throughout. The mood continues to build, as we begin to get a feel for Desyn's crossover style which is quite hard to define. Things start to get gritty as Williams' "Love Crisis" explodes. We reach an amazing high on Desyn's own edit of the Chelonis Jones classic "One On One" on M.A.N.D.Y.'s Get Physical imprint. The electro kick-off is toned down as we get into a sexier and more house influenced groove. This is highlighted by tracks such as "Our Lips Are Sealed" and Derek Howell's absolutely stellar take on the classic Soulsearcher track "Can't Get Enough", one I'm sure you could all appreciate. A sultry groove kicks in as Desyn teams up with 16B and Leon Roberts under the infamous "The Idiots" guise for "Teardrop". The first disc goes out with a bang with the absolutely massive "Changes" from Chris Lake. Desyn has picked this up for release on his Alternative Route imprint, and will be seeing a release before the end of the year. An amazingly positive ending which will leave you all with a smile on your face; that is if you haven't passed out from dancing too hard yet!

I found the second disc to be equally appealing as the first, but with a deeper feel overall. Nostalgia immediately kicks in with "Halcyon & On & On". But even though you'll be tired out from the first disc, by the time "X" kicks in, you'll be back on your feet grooving again. With absolute ease, Desyn twists up Moloko's "Cannot Contain This" over Killing Joke's "Love Like Blood" for a house stormer with the ever familiar vocal of Roísín Murphy. This tight atmosphere continues on throughout the fluttery emotion of "Bomb The Place" through to Graeme Clark's "Time For A Change". The atmosphere then explodes with Paul Rincon's sexy take on the ever popular "We Interrupt This Program". The vocal is stripped back and the groove beefed up for some peak time maddness. For some old school flavour, Chris Lake and Asher Jones lick up the tasty "Dirty Delicious". Desyn's take on last year's "Asian Blue Rose" starts to tone us down, as the mood takes a large shift to The MFA's driving interpretation on Ellen Allien's "Magma" from the album "Thrills". "Maraud Your Ears" gives us a final taste of the ground the first disc covered, and all too soon it has come to it's climax.

This compilation simply had me drooling for more once it was over, and this is certainly one of the most innovative, creative, atmospheric, and dance-inducing Balance compilations in the series. Desyn Masiello has most definitely left his mark here, and will continue to wow clubbers across the globe with his unique style and ability to work a crowd. The smooth style he employs throughout both discs ensures that this will be played by fans for years to come, and certainly by me. A legendary compilation from a legendary DJ.

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