Artist: Descent
Title: Lost Feeling / Caged
Label: Open Up Recordings
By: Colin C. | 17 September 2006
  • A: Lost Feeling
  • B: Caged

Descent "Lost Feeling / Caged"

Out Now on Open Up Recordings

When it comes to the seemingly un-sung heroes of the progressive movement, Eyai Federman's work springs to mind. Since the beginning of this decade he’s been quietly building a small collection of expertly crafted grooves under his Descent alias. Everything that gets stamped with the Descent signature has been admiral and his latest on the Portugal based Open Up is once again no exception.

With a heavy kick and a click-y hi hat progression, 'Lost Feeling' jumps off. The signature sounds of a Descent track quickly move in as a solid, simple bass line lands nestled with a hand full of tech influenced synth hits. As the track progresses an ethereal voice pad starts to make its way into the track, bringing back a certain euphoric feeling that hasn't been the focus of a "progressive" track in years. As we move into the break, we are washed over with a melody that begs comparison to Chicane's work in the late 90s. The euphoria continues as Eyai brings us out of the break and continues mashing his quirky-lush style with bright synth motifs.

'Caged' on the other hand finds us back in step with the more familiar Descent style. Again Eyai starts up with a solid foundation of kick and snare married with some quick drum hits, a skating hi hat and twists them beneath a creepy arrangement. With the mood opposing the A-side, this track quivers and pulses with a dark bass line laid under high spectrum synth hits and a stab-y melody. It really isn’t until the break down that 'Caged' really starts to capture your attention, Eyai is quite the sound designer and here he lets loose with a quick break before putting you back into the mayhem. As always every element has its place in his productions, which makes for an enjoyable listening experience without digressing to far from the dance floor formula.

Both tracks make for a nice companion to each other on this release, their production is once again flawless and Eyai knows how to deliver. For my money its 'Lost Feeling' that really shines for me, maybe it's the nostalgia but it stands on a different side of the Descent catalog. Anyone who's a Descent fan will surely be pleased with this release, and anyone who's not will find this a solid introduction to Eyai's work.

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