Artist: Derek Howell
Title: Yah Yah
Label: DK Records
By: Simon Jones | 9 January 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Remy Mix

Derek Howell "Yah Yah"

Out Now on DK Records

Since debuting on the underground scene around two years ago, Derek Howell has become one of the most respected producers within the electronic genre with a series of singles on labels ranging from Fade to Bedrock and also 3Beat Breaks, not to mention collaborative projects such as Pinkbox Special and Lonestar all receiving praise from throughout the dance community. Over the last few months he's become an in demand remixer for many top labels, but kicks off the new year with a brand new solo track entitled 'Yah Yah'.

Derek has earned a reputation for producing big peak time dancefloor bombs, and 'Yah Yah' is perhaps one of his biggest to date, whilst showcasing the true extent of his production expertise. A brooding electronic intro sets the tempo, but it's the heady groove and spine chilling strings that sweep through the track that really take this track to the next level. Derek manipulates each layer of the track in a subtle way that lures the listener right into the thick of things, gradually increasing the tempo as each of the breakdowns kicks in. By the time the track reaches it's penultimate point, the dancefloor is guaranteed to be in a euphoric state.

Dutch pastmaster 'Remy' offers up a tougher reinterpretation on the flip side, tweaking the track in his own unmistakeable style. With a heavy dubbed groove driving it's way through the heart of the mix, it's obvious this mix has been crafted with a slightly different peak time mind set. However, the deep beats, rumbling low end bass underpinned by the original's big main riff proves to be a formidable combination that places this mix right alongside the original.

Matthew Dekay's DK Records continues it's impressive form of fine releases as we move into 2006. Still very much in it's infancy, the label has carved itself a niche for putting out quality music that moves the dancefloor, and it's a formula that has worked well and undoubtedly will continue to do so well into the new year.

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