Artist: Derek Howell
Title: Throwback / Cram It Up Your Cramhole
Label: Hope Recordings
By: Ryan Simoneau | 8 November 2007
  • A: Throwback
  • B: Cram It Up Your Cramhole

Derek Howell "Throwback / Cram It Up Your Cramhole"

Out Now on Hope Recordings

Derek Howell has been tabbed as one of the “rising stars” to watch out for in the dance music world since he dropped his first few singles on John Digweed’s esteemed Bedrock label back in 2004. Fast forward a few years and a few more successful singles that saw him span from progressive to tech, breaks and even some dabblings in the chillout arena. Howell’s diverse and talented productions were being noticed; especially “Your Touch.” This standout track was featured on Nick Warren’s fantastic “Global Underground: Shanghai,” and really opened him up to a wider audience. Now, Howell is poised to soar to greater heights as new Hope Recordings A & R man Warren recognized this and had Derek deliver his new single for the label.

“Cram It Up Your Cramhole” first garnered attention by appearing on Hernan Cattaneo’s “Renaissance: Sequential” compilation in 2006. Now it gets a proper release as this house monster combines an electro-tinged bassline with a glorious melody that will leave your head spinning for more. Over the course of the track, Howell continuously throws in new layers so your ears never get bored. There’s also a massive breakdown towards the end that builds until the beats boom back in while the melody kicks in and culminates to create a glorious groove.

“Throwback” is, as the name suggests, a tune that reeks of 80s-inspired electro wrapped around a progressive house kick drum. What sets this tune apart from all the other electro schlock that has diluted dancefloors in 2007 is a memorable melody that always elevates the track upwards. Howell once again shows his deft touch as a producer by adding loads of layers and an even heavier bass drum by the midway point of the track. Crazy synths begin to soar as all the parts come together to make this track an absolute peaktime monster!

There’s no doubt about it, Derek Howell is going to be a star. He has successfully put together a small but spectacularly diverse portfolio since 2004 and is clearly still on the rise. The next step is to create album that reflects his vast talents and, assuming he avoids the pitfalls that have plagued other “up and comers” artist albums, could see him rise to elite status sooner than most think.

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