Artist: Derek Howell
Title: Might As Well Have A Gasoline Fight EP
Label: 3Beat Breaks
By: Chloe Harris | 22 September 2004
  • A: Might As Well Do This (While I Still Can)
  • B: Gasoline Fight

Derek Howell "Might As Well Have A Gasoline Fight EP"

Out Now on 3Beat Breaks

Derek Howell is one of the latest names to emerge within the US dance scene. Hailing from Texas, some people may be familiar with his work alongside Peter Martin as Pinkbox Special, but lately Derek has been turning heads with his amazing solo productions, with those in the know touting him as one to watch. The 'Might As Well Have A Gasoline Fight EP' is his debut release, making him the latest artist to join the growing number of names who have appeared on 3Beat Breaks, with two brand new originals.

‘Might As Well Do This (While I Still Can)’ has the perfect combination of lush synth work and sweet piano notes riding along cutting edge drums. Snappy beats filled with rolls and fills that have an electro edge start things off. Piano notes drop in easing over the percussion and setting off cascading twinkles of sound. Traveling through dips and drops, a smooth synth moves in and lightens up introducing a twisted vocal that takes control and drops off into a break. The synth rises opening up into massive beatless ambience full of warmth and sadness, while the bassline pulses underneath capturing the depth. The drums slowly make their way back in, and with a push, all the sounds come together into a peak, and mellow out as the end looms.

On the flip, 'Gasoline Fight' has a softer vibe with cute melodies, wafting effects and mellow machine like drums. The drums start in again with cool rolls and changes, while crashing sounds delay off making room for sweet claps, and more percussion. A slight melodic spacey synth sits behind the drums in a smooth line, letting the tiny melodic sounds play with the drums. After a sweet ambient drop, a distorted bass synth takes over the tune and becoming the hook. The sounds all work off each other swaying perfectly for this mellow progressive break.

Derek Howell’s sounds are fresh and exciting. His music is capable of telling stories and drawing pictures in your mind, if you allow it to. This magnificent release is just a taste of what he's capable, and coupled with the forthcoming EP on Bedrock Records, Derek's name will soon be on the lips of everyone everywhere, and this EP is an impressive debut for this up and coming future star.

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