Artist: Derek Howell
Title: EP (Part Two)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Chloe Harris | 14 December 2004
  • A: Happy To Be Sad
  • B: I Was Just Leaving

Derek Howell "EP (Part Two)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

The second disc of Derek Howell's EP for Bedrock Records steps in where the first disc left off. 'Happy To Be Sad' and 'I Was Just Leaving' are two outrageously good pieces of music. There are great melodies and harmonies playing off of heavy rumbling basslines and mental drum patterns, all wrapped up into ferociously good production.

A wicked intro of techy beats, cool pops and snaps build into a great driving percussion, while a rising arpeggiated synth starts the clever 'Happy To Be Sad'. Enormous melodies and harmonies work together and play off each other, while a deep atmosphere sets in and rides alone the simple beats. Everything falls apart at the break, as cascading drops of delayed plucked arp sounds carry on, and a new rumbling synth creeps in twisting and turning until the kick hits back in. Riding along many drum changes and synth drops and builds, the song slowly comes to an end as the tones drop out leaving just the rumbling bass and a simple drum kit.

'I Was Just Leaving' is my favorite trakc of the pair with its multi layered synths and sounds, sweet drums and driving bassline. The beginning starts with cool breaking sounds falling into place and creating a drum kit, while scratchy bits float on top covering the high hats, while a head bobbing groove sets in. The drums pick up and synth stabs delay off and mix in with dark rumbling sounds that keep the tune moving. Falling into a break, tiny high twinkles change up and a ripping electro tinged bassline builds in and drives through dips and drops, while a sweet orchestral pad washes over and carries the tune till the end. This is a genius piece of work and should be heard instantly.

This is another stunning body of work from Derek Howell. Do yourself a favor and find both of these discs right away. Your ears will love you for it.

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