Artist: Demi
Title: Gearbox
Label: Deeper Substance Records
By: Jason Calvert | 25 October 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: 16 Bit Lolitas Mix

Demi "Gearbox"

Out Now on Deeper Substance Records

Deeper Substance. The name alone will evoke memories in the hearts of clubbers across the globe who have had the privilege of attending one of their parties over the last four years. What we are seeing here however, is a stage of evolution for Deeper Substance, which has manifested itself in the shape of a record label. Label founder Demi steps up to provide the first release, and with his renowned live performance in mind, expectations were quite high when listening to "Gearbox".

The Original Mix builds itself up with some tightly knit percussion, from which springs a simplistic and airy melody carrying with it a relaxed atmosphere. The percussion continues to build throughout the track, and intricate layering of effects add multiple layers to the composition. Nothing overburdening about the track at all, simply gets straight to the point and does what it has to do without fuss.

16 Bit Lolitas step up to provide their "Cruise Control" interpretation. Taking things to a deeper level, a grooving bassline is introduced to form a solid foundation, and our melody from the Original has been re-layered over the top. The lower ranges of the track work wonders on the atmosphere, and take it even further than the Original Mix did, making it the more solid of the two versions.

Nothing groundbreaking about the release overall, but a sound outing which will certainly hold a degree of appeal for many. The 16 Bit Lolitas Mix is particularly effective as a warm up, as the groove in the bassline has its way of working the crowd. Future releases on the Deeper Substance label will certainly be worth looking out for, so keep your eyes peeled.

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