Artist: Degrees Of Freedom
Title: E.G. Intensity
Label: Erase Records
By: Simon Jones | 14 January 2004
  • A: Degrees Of Freedom - E.G. Intensity (Pole Folder & CP Mix)
  • B: Andid - The Travellers

Degrees Of Freedom "E.G. Intensity"

Out Now on Erase Records

Erase Records is a new label out of Greece, set up to showcase some of the country's homegrown talent alongside some of the scene's more established. Having already run club nights in Greece an London, the Erase Records guys aim to bring this worldwide flavour to their label, adding in some homegrown sounds for good measure. This debut release features tracks from two separate artists. Degrees Of Freedom is a collaboration between label manager Dimos Stamatelos and Nicolas Michailidis whilst Andid is the solo project of a young up and coming producer named Andreas Dimitriadis.

Degrees Of Freedom's 'EG Intensify' gets remixed here by Belgium's 'Pole Folder & CP'. As you might expect, this is another adventure in minimal and atmospheric progressive grooves, and at the core of the mix, that much is the case, as eerie effects rise from behind, bringing a sense of tension to the soundscape. As the beats drop out leading into the break, moody strings enter, as synths rise up towards a smooth melodic finale that will send shivers down your spine. Pole Folder & CP cross that boundary between downtempo and dancefloor in way that can only be described as delicate grandeur.

Andid's 'The Travellers' over on the b-side is a nice little deep melodic number, with a minimal melody line riding over a swelling and driving groove. A perfect warm up tool or mood builder, but other than that just something that you can use rather than something that stands out.

Getting Pole Folder & CP on board to provide a remix for the first release brought name recognition alone to this release, and will no doubt immediately catch the attention of Pole Folder fans, and as one of his and CP's best remixes to date, this comes recommended by myself.

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