Artist: Deepsky & Marc Mitchell
Title: Lost In The Moment
Label: Proton Music
By: Jason Calvert | 11 October 2005
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Peg City All Stars Mix
  • 3. LP 'Litmus Paper' Mix
  • 4. Relisys 'Lost His Keys' Mix
  • 5. Ray & Peter Mix

Deepsky & Marc Mitchell "Lost In The Moment"

Out Now on Proton Music

And the winner is... Peg City All Stars! Proton Music's latest remix competition results have been released. Joel Armstrong and Peter McCowan under the guise of Peg City All Stars take to the spotlight. Many high quality entries were received, but the runner-up mixes went to LP, Ray Remero & Peter Martin, and Relisys.

The Original Mix was conceived from the collaboration between studio legend Marc Mitchell and LA boys Deepsky. The result is an uplifting combination of 4/4 and breaks. Emotive melody lines generate a huge atmosphere, and the composition on a whole is bursting with energy, making it an excellent choice to drop during a peak time moment of a set which is that way inclined.

Joel Armstrong and Peter McCowan strip the Original Mix back from its uplifting feel, and create a solid groove within the foundations upon which they build their mix. Their own melodies have been interwoven with sliced up samples of the original, and the result is a highly coherent arrangement packing a massive punch which is sure to be welcomed by clubbers across the globe. A truly deserving winner.

However, I feel that it is LP's Litmus Paper Mix which is the standout on the release. The LP outfit consists of Jeremy Zunk, Steve Schroeder and Taylor Pakula. They have already built up a solid fan base due to their exceptional live shows. Their mix provided here is a huge slammer of a track. The samples are sliced up and given some extra grunt where needed, and careful layering ensures that each element fits together perfectly. A massive breakdown is sure to send the clubbers crazy, and its overall atmosphere is brilliant.

Joshua Waddel under his Relisys guise is known for his heavy breaks excursions. While he may have "Lost His Keys", this certainly hasn't affected his production in any way. Tight bass stabs are interwoven with the emotion laden melody, and would go down well with all lovers of breaks. The breakdown is pure class, and the attention to detail on the mix highlights Waddel's committment to his work.

The final mix of the competition is an interesting number from Ray Remero and Peter Martin. The mood takes a few different turns throughout, and therefore interest levels remain high for the duration. Elements are slowly brought in to create a steady build up throughout the earlier parts of the mix, before a massive breakdown takes us into breakbeat territory and the melody lines make their appearance, retaining the mixed use of 4/4 beats and breakbeats as per the original. A solid way to end the release.

Each mix presented here is of excellent quality, and the judging of the competition was obviously a very hard task. However if you like the track, there are many other mixes which are being made available at the end of the month, so be sure to check those out. Proton hit the mark again as always, and you can be sure you will be hearing the track in one form or another over the remainder of the year.

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