Artist: Dave Seaman Presents Group Therapy Feat Nat Leonard
Title: Faith Again
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Chloe Harris | 5 January 2006
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Luke Chable Vocal Mix
  • B2: Luke Chable Dub Mix

Dave Seaman Presents Group Therapy Feat Nat Leonard "Faith Again"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

Dave Seaman and his Audio Therapy label have gone from strength to strength with a string of tasty releases last year, but as it's the beginning of 2006, Dave and Co. release their first monster club tune of the year. 'Faith Again' includes all the same members that worked on 'My Own Worst Enemy' of last year. The team includes co-writer Steve Anderson, co-producer Chad Jackson, while the vocals once again come courtesy of lovely Irish singer, Ms Natalie Leonard. Remix duties are handed to the charismatic Luke Chable where he whips up some electro funk with a dub and vocal mix.

'Faith Again' is a very strong club tune. A killer track full of life, peaking and dropping just when its right and with the added vocals of Natalie Leonard, this has some crossover potential. Good kicks start in allowing a buzzing tone to grow and start on rocking. Nice clips and claps lay into the percussion for variation, while the buzz keeps underneath and then comes the thundering voice. Natalie's voice is as strong as it was on 'My Own Worst Enemy', but here it seems she's a bit sassier but still with the intensity as before. Her voice moves along with the drums, as zippy acid creeps in there allowing room for simple synths to fluctuate in the background, building and building into a massive peak before it all drops off into the break. New keys waver through the ambience adding another strong hook. Natalie's voice is stripped back a bit letting the keys take charge with a slow build that moves up and down keys, finally wiggling into a new hook before pounding back into the kick, the vocal and the heavy buzz.

Luke Chable has transformed his sound for this remix. He's introducing a far more electronic sound than he's ever had, but still remains that gifted Aussie that has loads of control over his sounds, beats and effects. The percussion is built of bobs and blips, bouncing around with lots of edits and a bit of sassy funk. A vibrant bassline whips in moving up and down the main keys, adding just enough of the main hook. Natalie's vocal has been reduced to a whisper that sounds sinister and a bit evil. The bass keeps moving and grooving, becoming even more staccato than before. Along with the rapid build of the bass, high hats step in adding some momentum. Every sound wiggles and moves, while you're sucked into the still whispered vocal by Natalie. Meanwhile, Luke's Dub mix of 'Faith Again' has been stripped of it's vocal completely. For us non vocal lovers, this is a dream come true.

A stellar release for Audio Therapy and Dave Seaman and crew. The potential for this to be as big as 'My Own Worst Enemy' is there, and with Luke Chable to bring it down and change it up into something weirder adds the option of it being a huge hit to the underground heads as well.

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