Artist: Dave Christophere Presents Lift
Title: Between The Hands Of Friends
Label: Hallucination Limited
By: Chad Harnish | 14 January 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Slick And Flash Mix

Dave Christophere Presents Lift "Between The Hands Of Friends"Dave Christophere Presents Lift "Between The Hands Of Friends"

Out Now on Hallucination Limited

Hallucination Records is finally getting a much needed breath of life with the introduction of Hallucination Limited. Third on the release schedule is “Between the Hands of Friends” which is produced by David Christophere of the infamous Rabbit in the Moon and San Diego native Sotero. This is not the first time the two have worked together as they have produced a “remix” of Jane’s Addiction’s “Three Days” titled “One of Us” a few years back.

It was hard for me to believe upon first hearing this track that it is actually six years old as the mixes are still very relevant to the sound of today. “Between the Hands of Friends” was done in the 1995/1996 time frame but unfortunately managed to avoid a release until now. The original mix is littered with David’s signature percussion sounds and Sotero’s deep throbbing bass lines. The track is dominated by percussion driven rhythm with sample effects intertwined creating the ambience. Overall, it is a quality piece of production and will have memorizing effects on the floor due to its bizarre fusion of tech-funk.

The flipside is engraved with the “Slick and Flash Mix” by Nick Simpson (Rhythm Invention, Hazed) and Carl Finlow (Silicon Scally, Random Factor). This mix is driven with an electro influence and hints at a melody with funky chord jabs and a pulsing bass line. The track begins with a housey electro breaks sound but in the end, takes a funky jazz turn.

“Between the Hands of Friends” is supported by DJs such as Doc Martin, Cass, H-Foundation and Mazi. Future Hallucination Limited releases include Terry Francis’ “The Freedom EP”, a track by Soulrider, which is promised to arrive shortly.

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