Artist: Darkarma
Title: Exit Body Map
Label: Lobotomy Records
By: Chloe Harris | 13 January 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Kosmas Epsilon Mix

Darkarma "Exit Body Map"

Out Now on Lobotomy Records

Darkarma creates a deep blend of twisted breaks and house music for Lobotomy Records second release. As Florida native Patrick Campbell's debut single, 'Exit Body Map' incorporates sounds from various genres to form an interesting and different style of music. His background stems from old ambient to progressive rock through the harsh and beautiful sounds of industrial music, this is a complex song with a depth so deep you fall in. The rhythm and groove slightly moves, while the synths hide and play in the background, whilst 'Kosmas Epsilon' transforms the tune into a fat breakbeat with loads of 808 bounce and peaking main floor sounds over on the b-side.

The 'Original Mix' is a sweet blend of techy chords and trippy layers, riding on top of a complicated groove. A solid 4/4 beat starts in, while the chords stomp down and twisted mental layers glide in and out. Falling into a breakbeat, cool snares with a bit of crunch set on top of the percussion as it moves through various change ups. Low grumbly sounds hide underneath only coming up to tease the beats, while a deep spooky synth moves in the background carrying the tune and the groove. An arped synth moves in, and takes the song sliding along until it ends. This is eight minutes of truly twisted music.

Kosmas Epsilon grabs 'Exit Body Map' by the balls and turns it into a sick and twisted breaks track. Fatty dirty breaks start in as a low 808 bounces along creating the groove. The techy synths glide through the beats, before the whole tune is sucked up into a mental vacuum that builds and builds. A slow peaking sound brings the beats back in nice and slowly, until dropping into the dirty break again. An arp twists in the background with distortion, while the body moves through slow chords. Another drop and everything falls into a twisted watery carnival break that explodes as it glides through sparkling synths and heavier bass. There's a lot of movement in this song, and the production is outstanding.

Lobotomy's second release 'Exit Body Map' by Darkarma manages to be as hard to review as their first, 'Furball' by The Operators. There's no one way to explain the complexity found within this label's music. Darkarma's sound is different because of his varied background as a listener, and Kosmas just continues to push his own boundaries.

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