Artist: Danny Howells
Title: September
Label: Dig Deeper
By: Simon Jones | 4 February 2009
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Future Beat Alliance Mix

Danny Howells "September"Danny Howells "September"

Out Now on Dig Deeper

Ever since his well received 'Mix Collection' compilation for Renaissance hit the shelves back at the tail end of summer 2008, DJs and music fans across the globe have been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to hear more of Danny's production work. This being on the back of the sheer quality of the tracks 'Right Off' and 'The Shining', both of which Danny worked on in the studio during 2008 as part of the development of the aforementioned compilation project. These were to serve as the foundation to a body of work which is now presented on his own new imprint Dig Deeper, with the first release being the rather special 'September'.

As many Howells fans will attest to, his Dig Deeper nights are somewhat of legend, marathon sets that encompass elements and sounds from right across the musical spectrum. 'September' therefore, clocking in at a marathon 13+ minutes, is unquestionably influenced and in many ways produced with such sets in mind. While the first half of the track may seem like a rather elaborate and atmospheric set intro or DJ tool, it's the underlying arrangement that provides the real magic of this track. Its hypnotic lead building a subtle energy that becomes realised when the drop hits at the top of the track, leading the way into the final stage of what can only be described as an epic journey through the realm of melodic house.

As a remix, following in the footsteps of the original was never going to be an easy task but hats off to Suicide Recordings Future Beat Alliance who opts for a more directed, stripped back approach. Their mix teases the original's main elements into a bass laden deep tech excursion that is sure to become a DJ favourite throughout the coming months.

'September' is a sterling debut and introduction to the Dig Deeper imprint. One could say it's an aptly named label as the musicality and ideas showcased here, although setting a high precedent for the releases that will follow, also evokes a sense of excitement, as in the months ahead, these will only evolve the further Danny Howells takes us into the depths of his musical world.

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