Artist: Danny Howells
Title: Right Off
Label: Dig Deeper
By: Simon Jones | 27 February 2009
  • A: Full Length Discomix
  • B: Faze Action Mix

Danny Howells "Right Off"Danny Howells "Right Off"

Out Now on Dig Deeper

With 'September' having garnered the attention of many DJs and music fans alike, spearheading the launch of Danny Howells' Dig Deeper imprint, Danny moves forward with the next release 'Right Off'. Already a firm favourite amongst many thanks to its inclusion on his Renaissance Mix Collection, the track highlights a musical policy that is as diverse as the heralded club nights of the same name, further evidenced by Danny's commissioning of Faze Action to provide a superb reinterpretation.

The original version sees Danny draw in elements of house and disco and infuse them into a shimmering, percussive led arrangement. Through the use of subtle beats, a clever fluctuating series of key changes and a tight underlying groove, Howells creates a subliminal peak minded house piece, with the added piano stabs and sax effects that rise through the latter half of the track only serving to cement it's credentials further.

UK house legends Faze Action strip back the original's main elements, opting for a more organic, live improvisation. The percussive elements are tweaked and refined and injected with a good dose of funk, with some innovative drum arrangements and linear melodic keys bringing everything together to form an excellent remix, with a solid house groove forming its nucleus.

'Right Off' champions all that is great about the Dig Deeper imprint, its musical policy not only per release but per track being a melting copper pot of sounds that traverse the spectrum of genres that exist. It's an ethos that has served Danny Howells well in years past and one that has seemingly transferred across seamlessly to this new project of his.

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