Artist: Danny Howells
Title: Global Underground: 027 - Miami
Label: Global Underground
By: Chloe Harris | 6 April 2005
  1. Subway - Thermal
  2. Tomas Barfot - Light Shine (Original Mix)
  3. AN-2 - Road Through The Rain (Steve Bug Mix)
  4. Ame - Shiro
  5. Sneaker Pimps - Post Modern Sleaze (Salt City Mix)
  6. Adam Kroll Break 3000 - Discotronic
  7. Tantra - Hills Of Katmandu
  8. DJ Nique - Mission TF017
  9. Olaf Pozsgay - Like A Virgin
  10. Silicone Soul - Les Nocturnes
  11. Mimosa - End Of Me (Original Mix)
  12. Atomphunk - Boogie Down (Kneedeep Mix)
  13. Bent - Exercise 5

Danny Howells "Global Underground: 027 - Miami"Danny Howells "Global Underground: 027 - Miami"

Out Now on Global Underground

One of the world's best DJs embarks on his very first real Global Underground mix. Danny Howells has been a huge part of the music world from his humble beginnings as John Digweed's warm up DJ, to his globetrotting superstar lifestyle he has today. Danny is a huge music fan. Citing rock, funk and soul, downtempo, house, and techno with all things inbetween as his influences, he knows good music. Danny's Global Undergound : Miami is a glimpse of the sun filled, warm and groovy house he's known for playing at Space, the infamous part indoor part terrace club, which is highlighted on the album as Danny catches the sound of the sunrise, and the sound of a peak time floor filling funky set with ease.

Gliding synths fall into a watery bliss as Subway's 'Thermal' gets things started. Watery drips and drops accompanied by a cute break is a sweet way to get you're mind ready for what's in store. Pad stabs breathe slowly up and down moving the song into a warm house beat full of swaying sounds by Tomas Barfot. 'Light Shine' has a sort of jazzier sound with warm synths and a full vocal. The summer has begun and this is its theme tune. After a chunky mix into proper Steve Bug funk, stabbing pads and an electro groove sets in. Killer electro zaps fit perfectly with a robotic female vocal, which sets this mix up for the filthy funk that's coming. Ame 'Shiro' comes out of nowhere with a hypnotic bubbly hook, filtered piano tones, snappy drums and the coolest wiggly groove ever. A deep dark swallowing mix lowers and falls into Kelli Ali's voice. The Sneaker Pimps 'Post Modern Sleeze' is a gem of a tune. Salt City funks this puppy up with a slaphappy bass and a fantastic groove. Flying effects drop and fade off into a heady electro bassline by Adam Kroll Break 3000. Disco synths fly high while cute synths bounce around carrying the tune through shifts of up and down. More wiggly sounds set in underneath while an old kitchy sound cuts through the mix.

Tantra 'Hills Of Katmandu' is old and funky with a slight vocal bit, sassy guitar and a pulsing rhythm. This was far ahead of its time. 1979 never sounded so good. DJ Nique's repetitive filtered disco cut, 'Mission TF017' keeps things funking along with a spoken word vocal bit and colourful flying synths. A loud boisterous boom smacks in and drops into 'Like A Virgin' by Olaf Pozsgay. Electro is the key here once again with crazy dipping sounds, a percussive groove that falls and drops off, while warm sweeping synths loom above and fade into the 80s sound of Silicon Soul's 'Les Nocturnes'. A gliding tune with movement and warmth, giant spaces and fantastic uplifting hooks. The funk hides behind swirling keys as this tune peaks and pops and drops into a sweet synthetic vocal laden tune by Mimosa. 'End Of Me' starts to bring the mix down, as the piano stabs down with uplifting chords and lots of percussive elements, a warm feeling that continues on with a drum heavy mix into Atomphunk's 'Boogie Down'. Kneedeep's remix bounces along with a sweet bassline and streaming synths that never let up. Analog zaps fall with the beats, making you move and groove, twist and turn. The closer to this feel good mix is by none other than the great Bent. A favorite of many, 'Exercise 5' is a dreamy surreal tune with electronic voices, slight melodies and wonderful piano tones. Chords lay in while a wicked groove and tiny twinkles fill you're head full of sun.

Following the sound of the first disc, sprinkles of twinkles and layers of dreamy sounds, Dennis Desantis, 'Thin Air' is a perfect start to a fantastic rolling robot house mix, something Danny has perfected. A bouncy electro groove by Codebass claps and shifts with a liquid flow. Stabs carry on and twist together as we slide into a 'Hiatus' that's succumbed by a heavy bassline. The mix grows dirtier and darker while synths fly high, float and fall deep into a rocking breaky electro groove. 'Bulldozer' pushes along into a deep and techy world of slight ringing tones, thick stabs and hypnotic high hats. Trippy ewok voices creep their way in slowly over the top, while a big gulp of funk shows up in the form of a 'Cosmic Sandwich'. A fantastic tune by Steve Barnes that really moves things along. Scratchy claps layer over the funk, while a rumbling bassline bobs to a sinister beat. A sweet transition out of Wighnomy Bros. an into soaring synths and lovely Latin percussion that feels like a summer day, by none other than Mateo Murphy. An explosive pop into a sick analog bassline, 'Stalkers Groove' jerks you around and sticks its acidy bubbles in your face. You will listen. A great electronic bounce melts into a sassy vocal number by Drama Society, full of crazy mental sounds that tickle the brain endlessly, as wavering synths and a heavy, dirty bassline kick things into high gear. A seamless mix into Bobby Peru's 'Blood Money' that is stock full of laser zaps, a super fun electro groove, and constantly changing percussion and effects. The rocking beats start to fall off, while creepy synths and car revving sounds drive fall into a cute bouncy ball number. Tiefschwarz remix of Unit 4, bounces and plucks along, with a head-bobbing groove, fat ass analog bass and crunchy claps. This is the height of the mix. Dirty and twisted, yet fun and silly; a perfect spot to drop things deeper and into the flighty flute sounds of Solid Gold Playaz. Feeling the good vibes and big basslines, Danny drops in 'Free Love' by Ashtrax, a warm clubby percussive laden tune that turns heads and challenges the idea of progressive sounds. Techno legend Bryan Zentz carries on with the theme of rolling electro, but accompanies his sound with soaring orchestral bits, cut up vocals and a gangsta synth line. The end is near as Green's Keeper's 'Keep It Down' edges in, it's disco sounds, super groovy bassline and a swirling hypnotic arpeggiation swaying dramatically into the silky high heels of the legendary Throbbing Gristle as clanging bell tones, sweet vibey synths and classic drums lead the way to the end of this fantastic robot mix.

Miami goes down like a tasty drink. It's sweet and smooth, with mild flavors that hit spots you didn't know your tastebuds had. Whether you're sitting on white beaches, traveling in your car to a far off place, or working your paws off for the man, this mix will be your anthem for the summer and you'll love it.

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