Artist: Danny Graham & Rob Mooney
Title: Just Testing
Label: Proton Music
By: Jason Calvert | 10 January 2006
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Opencloud 'vDot1' Mix

Danny Graham & Rob Mooney "Just Testing"

Out Now on Proton Music

Proton's latest outing comes from UK boys Rob Mooney and Danny Graham. 'Just Testing' displays the fact that Proton are going from strength to strength on their releases. It is one of their more driving releases to date, and certainly contains quite a bit of grunt. The remix is provided yet again by Opencloud, who have remixed many Proton releases in the past, along with their own EP on the label. So lets hear just how the release stands up in comparison to their others.

The Original Mix is a gritty 4/4 number, and is definitely intended to work the crowds. If Opencloud hadn't remixed this track, I would have made mention to the fact that it is very reminiscent of their style! A muted vocal sample is sliced up throughout, as a simplistic but cheeky melody line runs over the top of the bassy lower level throbbing. If driving and dirty is how you like it, then this track will certainly take your fancy.

Opencloud's mix explodes on a twisted note, as the vocal sample has truly been ripped into and is almost unrecognizable here! In their usually gritty fashion, the percussion is whipped into a breakbeat, as the melody is sliced and twisted up in a very creative manner. Added effects help heighten the mood, and if the Original Mix is to be described as dirty, then this mix is just downright filthy! Prepare yourselves for the madness here, and you can be sure that when dropping this for a crowd this way inclined, they will absolutely love you for it.

I love gritty tracks, simply for their ability to work pretty much any crowd you play them to. Both mixes provided on the release are versatile, and could be used at different points in a set for different effect. The Opencloud Mix is my personal choice here, mainly due to its added layer of depth and complexity. But it in no way overshadows the Original, which also gets its point across very strongly.

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