Artist: Dani Casarano
Title: El Zapo Hablo
Label: Connaisseur Superieur
By: Nick Williams | 3 January 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Motorcitysoul Mix

Dani Casarano "El Zapo Hablo"

Out Now on Connaisseur Superieur

Connaisseur Recordings, now in its second year, have been putting out some excellent tech-house since their inception with Patrick Chardronnet's 'Eve By Day' and they're back at it on their sister label, Connaisseur Supérieur. This label is "Connaisseur's platform for that special release: You will always find only one remarkable track - mostly one who deserves an exceptional position - and one remix. No stylistic borders, forward thinking and fresh - Supérieur offers the leeway for such projects". For their third release on the label they bring in Dani Casarano, better known under his DJ-name Tony Mass. This Chilean DJ, born in Italy, raised in the French part of Switzerland, provides us with some music worthy of his worldy travels. 'El Zapo Hablo' is backed up by Matthias Vogt and Christian Rindermann, aka Motorcitysoul's deep house grooves.

With the holidays come and gone, 'El Zapo Hablo' focuses on that winterlike atmosphere that brings a bit of warmth amid those cold nights. A sharp, squishy snare and distorted accent kick stabs bring an industrial aura about the percussion, yet the whole thing takes on a very atmospheric and dreamy nature. Cold, yet warm from within, this track is carried by the melodic pads and subtle percussion changes. There is nothing too abrupt or harsh besides what is introduced in the percussion. A good track to end the night with, yet it is nothing to fill your floors. This track never really takes off in any direction, yet would be a great track to zone out to in the car.

The Motorcitysoul remix brings some deep house elements into the picture. A deep, throbbing kick and hugely reverbed woodblocks introduce a more organic remix. The combination of the industrial chirps with the organic roundness of the bouncy bassline makes this my pick of the two. Although quite the typical arrangement with hand claps galore, you should be guaranteed some dancers on the deeper, cooler crowds. The vocal samples add some funk to make it more interesting, yet this track loses steam a few minutes from the finish.

Both this label and Connaisseur Recordings have been really impressive in the last year, and this release is a testament to some of the deeper techno influences that are gaining in popular opinion. Although this is not their strongest release, some of the most influential up and comers in the tech house scene have seen their way onto either of these labels. It is my opinion that these are a couple labels to keep on your radar for some time, and if you have the time, check out their back catalogue. You may find some gems that will become timeless records in your crate.

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