Artist: Dan Sampson & Jhereal
Title: One More Dance
Label: Alternative Route
By: Simon Jones | 11 January 2005
  • A1: Danny Howells Edit
  • B1: Instrumental Mix
  • B2: Radio Edit

Dan Sampson & Jhereal "One More Dance"

Out Now on Alternative Route

Dan Sampson and Jhereal first came together whilst working for the legendary Yoshitoshi label, but both have avid practitioners of music for a long long time. Dan, like many others has been living the DJ dream for many years, and has played in the UK, US and Europe alongside a wide and varied assortment of names, of which Deep Dish, Desyn Masiello and Danny Howells are but three. Jhereal on the other hand was somewhat of a teenage prodigy, writing and producing music since the age of 14 and most recently responsible for penning Dru Hill's highly successful single 'I should Be'. The usual story of common interests and ideas saw Dan and JheReal begin to piece together some original material and 'One More Dance' is just one of several they've put together to date.

A supporter of the track for quite a white now, 'Danny Howells' has re-edited it for inclusion on this release, and what a job he's done. Infectious licks, a solid groove and one seriously stomping bassline all come together in tremendous fashion, with Howells taking this uplifting house anthem to even dizzier heights, and you can be sure that this mix will be a favourite in the coming weeks and months through the spring and summer.

The b-side comprises of a floor rocking 'Instrumental Mix' and a full vocal 'Radio Edit', with the former a tight little mix in it's own right, or both doubling up as extended and versatile DJ tools, and for the masters of the re-edits like Desyn or Howells, it's little wonder that they've both been dropping this gem into nearly every set since last summer in Ibiza.

As usual, Alternative Route throw up something a little different to the last route, always striving to take things that little bit further than most labels would dare, and throughout 2004 this label rose like a phoenix above many others, and looks set to reach new heights through 2005 and beyond.

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