Artist: Dan Morris & Shylock
Title: Bahdatu
Label: Fade Records
By: Chad Harnish | 2 December 2003
  • A: Fade Edit
  • B: Randall Jones Mix

Dan Morris & Shylock "Bahdatu"Dan Morris & Shylock "Bahdatu"

Out Now on Fade Records

Some time ago, Fade Records delivered a huge release by Dan Morris & Shylock titled Gasp. Now, once again, they have set loose another monster by the talented pair, “Badhatu.” Aside from Fade, Dan Morris & Shylock have released great tracks for Silver Pearl Records, Zone Recordings and Mechanism.

Tribal rhythms dance in the air on the Chris Fortier and Kolo edit of “Badhatu”. Trance inducing samplings spatter the audio landscape of minimalism. With a slow gradual introduction, the deep, brooding bassline slides into place forming the soul of the track. This track is deep and will send dancefloors into oblivion.

Diving deeper yet with “Badhatu,” Randall Jones delivers another exceptional remix to his distinguished portfolio. After reading our feature of Randall in our Behind the Music series, I can hear the influence of some of his recent listenings of Pink Floyd on this remix. The cut is dark and spacey and runs at a leisurely pace giving listeners proper time to absorb the deep depths that are created. This is my pick from the single, but both are very good.

This “Badhatu” is a great addition to the Fade Records line up. It will be followed by another powerful track by Descent, so stay tuned for that one.

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