Artist: Damien Heck
Title: Alicante
Label: Baroque Limited
By: Jason Calvert | 8 November 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Baunder Mix

Damien Heck "Alicante"

Out Now on Baroque Limited

Damien Heck is fast becoming a household name in the scene, and certainly adds to the list of amazing talent we have seen coming from Canada as of late. His work has consistently maintained a high standard, and we can certainly see his musical upbringing shining through in his productions. His composition and structure is always refined, and those who work with him often refer to him as a perfectionist in what he does.

Thinking back to Audio Therapy's "Across Borders: Greece" compilation, a consistent theme throughout was the influence and use of guitar melodies. This trend seems to be picking up lately, and at the moment it is still highly refreshing. Let us hope that it does not become cliché over time! "Alicante" is amazingly powerful right from its onset, and certainly makes its purpose known. The guitar is slowly layered in and becomes the major focus in the composition. The strong percussion lines never overpower any other elements, but never become dull either. An emotive breakdown allows the melody to bask in all its glory, as a small breaks section bridges us back into the peak of the track. An extremely coherent piece of work.

Argentinean Baunder provides the remix, which takes the elements of the Original for an interesting spin, giving the track an entirely different feel. The darkness has been lifted, and the foundation moves forward with increased pace. The build up before bringing the guitar in has been increased in length, helping create anticipation. Add to this a new bassline, and we have quite an amazing take on an already amazing tune!

Definitely a track to get your hands on while you still can. It looks as though Heck has secured quite a comfortable position within the scene, and he is most certainly deserving of this place. Both versions provided are excellent in their own right, and would be equally as successful if used in the right environment. Make sure you keep an eye on Heck's future releases, we can only expect more quality!

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