Artist: Damian DP
Title: Elation
Label: Ghost Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 15 April 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Shiloh 'Elyon' Mix

Damian DP "Elation"

Out Now on Ghost Recordings

Damian DP is a young producer and DJ who hails from Argentina, and has been playing records since the age of 11, winning a DJ contest set up by the big Argentinean radio station Metrodance FM 95.1 where fellow native Hernan Cattaneo hosts a weekly radio show, with many other DJs putting together sets which are broadcast across the country. This in turn led to Damian playing at many of the big dance festivals that Argentina is known for, and as he became more and more inspired by the sounds he brought together in his sets, he was soon bitten by the production bug himself, and now at the age of 19 finally rises to the surface with his debut single 'Elation', which also launches the new label Ghost Recordings.

Damian's 'Original Mix' is a wild and driving track that builds itself around big bass and melodic lines to create a heavy duty groove from the start. Haunting sounds and floating pads lend a dark vibe to the bass and beats, with a riff that screeches as it emerges, adding to the building intensity. As the intro section ends, stabs bridge the switch into the main arrangement where layers of melody rain down, concealing a subtle key change that ignites the bassline, bringing to life the demon within that levels everything in it's path and bringing this cool and classy secret weapon to it's close.

'Shiloh' provide the remix, infusing heavy drum percussion and dark beats into the original and adding their own twisted ideas to the bassline. An effected vocal line is brought into play, with melodic keys and shape shifting changes building up the mood. As the break hits, a brief refrain provides momentary respite, moving into the second half of the mix where big rocky elements and heavy kicks drive things into the home straight, with the Canadian duo once again delivering the goods.

A splendid debut for Ghost Recordings and indeed Damian DP, with a track that caught me by surprise, which in light of the amount of music I listen to all day every day is not an easy thing to do, and having exceeded my expectations, will no doubt leave a few jaws on the dancefloors and the spotters running to the booth in a state of panic. A sneaky secret weapon indeed..

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