Artist: DJ19 Vs Thomas Penton
Title: Ima
Label: 19 Box Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 9 July 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Klubfilter Mix

DJ19 Vs Thomas Penton "Ima"

Out Now on 19 Box Recordings

Thomas Penton and DJ 19 collaborate for the first time on 19 Box's latest reelase 'Ima'. Thomas of course, has been an active member of the dance community since the early 90s growing up in Florida. He's worked with some of the best names in the business and his records have found their way into the boxes of Sasha and John Digweed, to Chris Fortier and Nick Warren. DJ 19 is a brilliant businessman with his many mix compilations, his own music, and his own label putting him in the forefront of the progressive scene in Japan, and he's also highly respected on the international circuit, so this meeting of minds seems somewhat inevitable.

The 'Original Mix' starts in with pounding beats backed with tribal toms that work into a hefty chugging progressive beat. Epic raved out synths come crashing in dropping the drums in and out of quick breaks and builds, while vocal bits delay off adding a atmospheric tone. A Japanese vocal comes out from underneath the drums, and sings in a whispery soft tone. Tearing back into the drums, air sounds fly around overhead, while synths and lazer sounds keep building off of the percussion and down till the end.

The 'Klubfilter Mix' has a deeper groove and a fat analog bass sound. The clicky drums start in with a solid bass groove moving underneath, while the vocals whisper creating a dreamy mood. A swaying hypnotic motion sets in as the beats drop in and out of short breaks playing off of the vocal. Finally coming into a break, warm pads step into the space and the epic synths drop in building the song back into the beats for a ramatic but deep finish.

The combination of DJ 19 and Thomas Penton proves to be a good one. 'Ima' should flare up dancefloors all over the world with its energetic drive and quirky vocals, the solid production making this another one for the jukebox from Japan.

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