Artist: DJ19
Title: Dreams / Big Dreams
Label: Dorigen Music
By: Chloe Harris | 26 June 2003
  • A: Dreams
  • B: Big Dreams

DJ19 "Dreams / Big Dreams"

Out Now on Dorigen Music

DJ 19 is a producer and dj based in Tokyo, Japan. With his own night at the Liquid Room, to the great releases he’s had on his label, 19Box Recordings, he’s been making waves and gaining loads of attention in many different ways. His newest effort snatched up quickly by Dorigen, showcases his flair for aggressive, yet melodic and bouncy tunes.

‘Dreams’ opens with a growling synth line, a woman’s voice chiming “dreams”, and some other lush synths in the background. It’s layed down perfectly, so when the drums hit, they kick you in the face. There’s some quick tribal drumming, as well as the hard kick drum. There’s quirky sounds hidden in the background. Coming into the break, we ease off on the drums, casually falling into a very deep and intense place. The sounds all cascade together, as numerous samples of sayings of “dreams” come in. The aggressive growling synth comes back in, and straight into the drums. A fierce pulling sound triggers a rush of energy. A very strong song, and definitely something to rock a crowd.

‘Big Dreams’ starts out with the drums. The same growling synth comes in. A low bass grooves its way in. Nice drums hits, and quick halts start building the energy. The sample comes in, as a dark sound stabs into the drums. Some new heavy snyths come in; very twisted and very aggressive. An ear piercing air sound comes in over the top, again pulling the song up and up. This tune never let’s up and will be a big player at festivals during the summer.

DJ 19 is going strong with his delectable sounds, heavy rhythms, and nice melodies. Watch out for this powerful release on Dorigen Music.

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