Artist: DJ19
Title: Breakin Of The Dawn
Label: 19 Box Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 17 April 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Thomas Penton Mix

DJ19 "Breakin Of The Dawn"

Out Now on 19 Box Recordings

DJ 19 has been djing for many years in his home country of Japan, running parties such as 'The Ocean' and 'Mothership' as well as having many mix cds to his name. His international status began to grow when the track 'Mothership' under the guise of Transcentral Station made it's way onto Jimmy Van M's now infamous Bedrock cd. From there his profile has grown and grown internationally, with a slot at Bedrock London and a Japanese only Bedrock mix cd release both coming via a friendship with John Digweed. With forthcoming projects including singles for Hook and a remix of Momu's 'Bring It On Back' for Spundae, it looks like 2003 will be a big year for him, and leading the charge is this new single for his own 19Box imprint, 'Breakin Of The Dawn'.

80s style synths and effects drop into a low running percussion line as the 'Original Mix' starts up. Without warning it quickly changes as a rolling groove kicks into action underneath, as the occasional warm sound escapes, dropping out for a quirky vocal to emerge before starting up, with an uplifting trance groove becoming increasingly evident as spacial sounds and stabs pepper the beats. This track refuses to stick to one template as a techno style loop interruptes only for the track to go back to it's normal build once more all the way till the end. Whilst some of the sounds are nice, this is just too disjointed to be of much use to anyone, but for experimentalists it might just appeal.

Luckily 'Thomas Penton' is here to provide the remix, and wastes no time in flexing his production might as a big riff emerges out of the dark percussion line, disappearing as the heavy bassline rolls into action, an eerie mood being forged as the mix slowly unwinds itself building towards the break, before building an intensity once more through another break and into a chord led outro that brings things to a close after the carnage has been done.

Another mixed release from 19Box, with the original taking the slightly quirky approach much of the label's output does, but Thomas Penton slides in at the last minute with mix to bring it right back into the centre of the dancefloor with tremendous results. There seems to be no stopping this man as of late!

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