Artist: DJ T Vs Thomas Schumacher
Title: Lower Instincts
Label: Get Physical Music
By: Ryan Simoneau | 25 March 2009
  • A1: Lower Instincts (Remix)
  • A1: Lower Instincts (Original Mix)
  • B1: Pariah (Original Mix)

DJ T Vs Thomas Schumacher "Lower Instincts"

Out Now on Get Physical Music

The minimal movement scene is on full display here with this release from DJ T and Thomas Schumacher. Get Physical has been specializing in this sound for the last few years, so anyone familiar with their output should know what to expect.

The original mix of “Lower Instincts” is a pulsating, stab-filled number that is specifically designed for the dancefloor. Truth be told, there’s not much going on besides a steady groove but as a DJ tool, it’ll work wonders for the early to mid part of a set.

The remix really doesn’t deviate much from the original; it simply adds a few more effects to the track. With such minor differences, you’re best off sticking to the original.

The other new track, “Pariah”, goes down a darker path but stays in a similar vein to “Lower Instincts”. Again, this is bare-bones stuff as the bassline provides most of the musical punch.

This kind of sound moves neither my soul nor feet but minimal lovers will no doubt be all over this. For anyone looking for something more substantial to sink their teeth into, you’d be best served to look elsewhere.

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