Artist: DJ Remy
Title: Wink / Scrap
Label: 68 Recordings
By: Antonella Sirec | 30 May 2007
  • A: Wink
  • B: Scrap

DJ Remy "Wink / Scrap"

Out Now on 68 Recordings

One DJ and producer who's been somewhat quiet of late is Dutchman DJ Remy. Having released some of the most inspiring tunes during the 2003/2004 period, I was left wondering recently as to what he’s been up to. His Bang! EP series during that two-year period heralded such tracks as ‘Dustsucker’, which has been one of my favourite productions since its release. With the upcoming release of new material in the guise of ‘Wink’ and ‘Scrap’, DJ Remy is set to return and make people rediscover him as one very talented producer. And what a return he makes!

Up first is the very upbeat ‘Wink’ which is infused with a clever rolling melody as its main hook and is the main feature of this particular track. At varying points, that melody deviates slightly in its chord changes allowing it to remain on the uplifting tip. Throughout the duration of this enjoyable tune vocal snippets can be heard sporadically along with a subtle use of a trumpet sample to add an interesting flavour to its overall sound. 'Wink' is very much about house music infiltrated with the sounds of techno but never completely falling into that later genre. For me, this is something that Remy is very good at creating as his productions defy specific genres and therefore can fit easily in many. This is a very enjoyable fusion of beats and harmonies that smacks of summer but with a tougher edge to its overall sound.

The flipside to this release finds 'Scrap' which has to be one of the biggest tunes I've heard in a very long time. It begins with a spiralling beat but then the heaving bass booms in and it's all over as you struggle to stop the walls shaking. This is a simple but absolutely massive track. There's nothing I love more in a track then a proper dose of bass and this track is all about that sound. It will, quite literally, blow your clothes off if you're not careful. While there are subtle recesses during the course of 'Scrap', these are just a set up for that bass to kick right back in and take the listener on another ride. If this isn't the biggest "f!ck you" to some of the more wishy washy releases of late, then I don’t know what is. This is one track that begs to be played really, really loudly even if it scares the hell out of your 75-year-old neighbour! I can't wait to see this track destroy a club at around 4am. As such, having listened to 'Scrap' so many times now, I've come to realise that I truly miss tracks like this which pack a mean punch. Brilliant stuff!

As a whole, Remy's new release is one that's purely aimed at causing mayhem on the dance floor. While 'Wink' portrays a somewhat calmer, melodic side to this producer's talents, it's the counterpart, 'Scrap' that is absolutely going to murder that very dance floor. Neither tread on any new territory but it's the way in which each track is executed that result in both these compositions being ridiculously enjoyable. I definitely want more of this.

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