Artist: DJ Remy
Title: Bang! EP
Label: Additive Records
By: Simon Jones | 19 August 2003
  • A: Scrambled
  • B: Bang!
  • C: Dustsucker
  • D: X-Rated

DJ Remy "Bang! EP"

Out Now on Additive Records

Following from the series of EPs 1-3, Remy Unger returns after some months in the wilderness, having locked himself in the studio developing his debut longplayer 'Bang!'. To give a sample of what you can expect from the album, he has put together this EP featuring four of the finest tracks on the album, not only showcasing the diversity of the album, but how far Remy's production skills have evolved, so without further ado, let's see what's on offer..

'Scrambled' is the first of serveral tracks that Remy collaborated on with Roland Klinkenberg, and is without a doubt one of the standout tracks on the 'Bang' album, and indeed this EP. Leading in with rippling futuristic percussion, filtered electro stabs are soon introduced, denting the funky groove that sits underneath. The drums slowly bottom out, and slowly Remy builds it back up, carefully timing the return of the beats in a moment which will have the dancefloor trembling at the tech edged onslaught that ensues. The rumbling bass only adds to what is already a massive track.

Next up is 'Bang!', the title track from Remy's debut album of the same name, bringing a techno vibe to this EP. A big stabbing bass hook cuts through the warm house groove that sits within the heart of the track, as Remy utilises layers of percussive pads and chords to keep the energry level throbbing, and ensuring that progressive and techno heads alike will enjoy this scrumptious peak time cut.

The second half of the EP meanwhile, brings the other trask of the four that Remy and Roland collaborated on. 'Dustsucker' sounds like a jet taking off with its rolling bass and filtered sound intro, the hypnotic percussion dragging you in, like a void sucking in everything in sight. The jet sound is looped and reintroduced at key points in the track, as the drums kick harder, and the engines start to roar, threatening to lift the dancefloor through the roof and into the skies above. Curious drum and loop arrangements are what make the difference here, and this track will not only stand out in a set, but will quite literally blow your mind.

It's then left to 'X-Rated' to wrap up the EP which is a tall order considering the quality of the previous tracks, but it does indeed try with it's melodic drums and techno bassline, but perhaps is the weakest of the four on offer, but nevertheless still shows the tight production evident right throughtout the EP.

A well compiled selection of tracks lifted from Remy's debut longplayer, available in both doublepack and as individual 12"s, meaning you have no excuse to go out and invest in a slice of the action. Don't hesitate, as these tracks will make your sets go off with a Bang!.

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