Artist: DJ Nukem
Title: Feeling
Label: Musiq Records
By: Simon Jones | 22 January 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Hypnotic Club Mix

DJ Nukem "Feeling"

Out Now on Musiq Records

After spearheading the launch of Musiq with his track 'Crash', DJ Nukem returns with his second single for the label entitled 'Feeling'. Keeping in line with that big tribal progressive vibe that he has become so known for, this single is but one of many new ones that he has lined up, with a forthcoming EP on Cyber Records also on the cards. But does he still have what it takes?

Dark rhythms, trickling effects and a moody bassline are the main elements of Nukem's 'Original Mix', wasting no time developing moody swelling groove that becomes the playground for some big synth sections that ricochet off the beats, rising up and over the top. The vocal filters in and out of the percussion whilst a minimal melody line simmers through down below. Nukem's layering is second to none, and it's the atmospheric vibe he brings to his tracks that stops this from being just another tribal track.

It's the 'Hypnotic Club Mix' that is the better of the two here though, with a wicked bassline riding in from the start and driving straight on, whilst a solid percussion line weaves itself around the throbbing bass. When the mood drops and the big stabs cut through the trippy groove, the twisted dancefloor mechanics of this mix do their work, and do it well.

A solid single that ventures to the darker side of progressive, that fans of both Nukem or his counterpart Chab will no doubt enjoy, and for those who play to the slightly deeper and twisted dancefloors, this will be right up your street.

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