Artist: DJ Gogo
Title: Alila
Label: Musiq Records
By: Simon Jones | 28 November 2003
  • A: The Key Mix
  • B: The Deep Mix

DJ Gogo "Alila"

Out Now on Musiq Records

DJ Gogo has forged a reputation for quality material over the years, with an EP on the now defunct Hooj just one of many of his productions. In addition to this, he has had numerous singles on Cyber Records, spawning such tracks as 'Adyssa', 'Anjuna' and the huge 'Sayna'. Most recently he set up his own label Musiq Records, and now his debut release for the label, 'Alila' arrives as Gogo attempts to show us what he strives to achieve with this infant label.

Some big whooping style beats lead in, falling into a smooth and subtle groove which forms the basis of the 'Key Mix'. This tranquility is short lived though, as delayed synths slides out of the groove and into the space above, with a soft and breathy vocal sitting amongst the two layers of sound. Moving along and through the break and some melodies are brought in, adding some depth and power to the track as they creep into the beats. The outro, as a result, is just superb.

Dropping the tempo slightly, the 'Deep Mix' sees Gogo weave an altogether more trippy spaced out variation of the track, wish sublime and moody synth work providing the perfect contrast to some soft shaker percussion which runs through. One for the late night DJs for sure.

Gogo proves that if you want something done, that you have to do it yourself, and 'Alila' is not only a great track that is a guaranteed floor filler, but it also blows the prior releases on Musiq out of the water. More of the same please.

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