Artist: DJ Drunken Monkey
Title: Gratification (Disc Two)
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 8 August 2003
  • A: Saul O'Sage House Mix
  • B: Hawke Blue Resurrection Mix

DJ Drunken Monkey "Gratification (Disc Two)"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

Yet more 'Gratification' arrives, this time bringing a mix from Sunburn's label boss Gavin Hardkiss in his Hawke guise, and another new mix, as Saul O Sage updates it for current climate whilst keeping it faithful to the original roots of the track.

First thing that strikes you is the acoustic guiter licks that Saul O Sage works over a deep sub bass house groove. Droning percussion and tight drum patterns keep the pace shifting at a steady pace, whilst melodies and strings add a warm summer bliss to this slick, well produced mix. Saul O Sage was really feeling the mood on this track when creating the mix, no doubt about it.

'Hawke's Blue Resurrection Mix' is the second mix to be lifted from the original Sunburn release, and again hasn't aged one bit. Sublime ambience combined with soul plucking strings sit atop a tight 4/4 groove, which Gavin Hardkiss has superb prowess in creating. Dropping to a laid back sleepy vibe for the outro, shimmery guitar solos and strings fill in the void, whilst lending a hazy, hypnotic feel to the overall production. Top notch Hardkiss action as per usual.

Definately the more upbeat and dancefloor friendly of the two 12"s. If you already own the Sunburn release, then you should still check this out for the top Saul O Sage mix, but overall it's a nice package rounded off with these two great mixes.

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