Artist: DJ Agent 86
Title: Balance Presents: Electric_04
Label: EQ Grey
By: Ryan Simoneau | 2 November 2008
  1. DJ Agent 86 - Intro
  2. 40 Thieves Feat Qzen - Don't Turn It Off
  3. Aeroplane - Pacific Air Race
  4. Morton Sorenson - Start Something
  5. Bermuda - Tease Me
  6. Toby Neal - My Love (Putsch '79 Mix)
  7. Bumper - Detroit
  8. Spektrum - Horny Pony (Greg Wilson Mix)
  9. Casco Presents BWH - Stop (Bangkok Impact Mix)
  10. Enzo Ponzio - My 80's Funk
  11. Miguel Migs - So Far (Eric's Old School Revival Dub)
  12. Drop Out Orchestra - Gibbon
  13. DJ Agent 86 Feat Kiti - Come To Roxy (86's Electro-Funk Mix)
  14. The Spirals - Without Control (Spirit Catcher Goes To Infinity Mix)
  15. LSB - Fog
  16. Bary Mason - Body! Get Your Body (Faze Action Edit)
  17. Bermuda - Galaxy Race (Jussi-Pekka Boring Acid Mix)
  18. Mawkish - Formula Futuro (Glitch & Spiller Mix)
  19. Soundtroopers - Shake That Booty
  20. Groove Allegiance - Hunkle My Funkle

DJ Agent 86 "Balance Presents: Electric_04"DJ Agent 86 "Balance Presents: Electric_04"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Balance continues its “Electric” series, this time bringing in fresh face DJ Agent 86 to deliver the latest edition. While not many people outside of Australia may have heard of this talented new comer, he currently spins no less than five nights a week in his homeland. Not only that but with his diverse tastes in tunes, he’s earned his reputation as a Tom Middleton-esque genre hopper. Now he’s primed to deliver his first major compilation and unleash his eclecticism on us.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I put the disc in the player. The Balance brand has produced some stunning and diverse compilations but this “Electric” series has been designed to showcase up and coming home grown talent. But from the opening notes of 40 Thieves’ “Don’t Turn It Off”, I knew this was going to be no run of the mill mix. Low slung, disco-tinged funk booms from the onset as 86 carefully begins to craft his dancefloor assault.

Technically proficient, DJ Agent 86 also (gasp) scratches and he uses that effect greatly on this mix. Aeroplane’s “Pacific Air Race” keeps the melody flowing and continues with the funky, retro sounds from the start. This is a standout selection and will absolutely get the feet moving. The tempo begins to pick up as Toby Neal’s “My Love (Putsch ’79 mix) hits but it absolutely continues to keep the funk alive. Electro-fied funk follows with some stellar scratching and samples thrown in for good measure. As 86 moves into the next stage of the mix, dirty bass is the name of the game for “Stop” by Casco Presents BWH and it’s another early highlight.

Deep house head, Miguel Mig’s “So Far” is given a gloriously 80’s dancefloor rerub with warm synths and the heavenly vocals are a nice addition at this point of the mix as we reach the halfway point. Here he scratches and samples his way into “Gibbon” by the bass heavy Drop Out Orchestra. What’s that I hear; handclaps? Oh yea, we’re in full on 80’s mode at this point. This is simply scrumptious and another standout in the mix. DJ Agen 86’s original “Come to the Roxy” is all electro-funked out and shows his deft hand at production as well remixing. He gets scratch happy on LSB’s “Fog” as while as tossing in some great old school funk samples over the top. It sounds like “Boogie Nights” on acid, so play it loud and proud!

In the final portion of the mix, 86 takes in some nu-disco in the Faze Action remix of Bary Mason’s “Body1 Get Your Body,” followed by Bermuda pulsating, acid-tinged “Galaxy Race.” Rather than bow out gracefully, the finale of “Shake that Booty,” by Soundtroopers and “Hunkle My Funkle,” by Groove Allegiance keep this mix rockin’ right until the end.

This is the kind of mix that would be championed by the likes of Crazy Penis, Kraak & Smaak and Maurice Fulton to name but a few. If you like your mixes fun, funky and full of diversity, DJ Agent 86 has delivered one that is sure to satisfy. It seems like every year there’s a stellar compilation that flies under the radar and for 2008 it’s “Electric_04.” While DJ Agent 86 may not yet be a household name, this is a mix that deserves to stand alongside this year’s heavyweights. So, if you’re looking for something new in dance music right now, you’d be hard pressed to find a more fun and refreshing ride than “Electric_04.”

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