Artist: D:Facto
Title: Breaks EP 2
Label: Futureshock Music
By: Simon Jones | 20 January 2004
  • A: Ethnique
  • B: PDG

D:Facto "Breaks EP 2"

Out Now on Futureshock Music

D:Facto has been a name on the lips of progressive breaks lovers for several months now, with the simply titled 'Breaks EP 1' becoming much sought after and receiving rave reviews and support from DJs, vinyl junkies and media alike. Heralding a development in the D:Facto sound, the tracks 'Artizan' and 'Elixir' were but two of a bunch of new material that the duo had created. Now as we head into 2004 comes EP 2, and this picks right up where the first left off..

'Ethnique' is a pounding workout, without a doubt the most ballsy of D:Facto's recent works. With electronic elements and effects that sound like they were inspired by William Orbit's 'Strange Cargo' project, the track gets underway as a river of sound gets parted by some crisp, glistening beat patterns that cut a path through the centre. Hypnotic rhythms and a haunting eastern style vocal edge their way into your mind, whilst the tight beats rock you to the core, in a cohesive and constant still that will leave the floor reeling.

You may think 'PDG' draws on a similar vibe with the horns at the start, but as soon as the beats saunter in, you know this is a different beast altogether. Industrial bass and rapid 4/4 drum patterns push this hi-octane and twisted harder whilst a fluctuating groove changes things up a little and adds to the spacious atmosphere that oozes out of every pore. In a word.. Lush..

As one of the leading names in the progressive breaks field, D:Facto stay faithful to the traditional house grooves and rhythms, but rework them in a way that makes dancefloors shake. 'EP 2' is more on the deeper side compared to the banging 'EP 1', but both tracks are more than capable of holding their own, and fans of the first EP should also get on this as soon as they can.

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