Artist: D:Facto
Title: Breaks EP 1
Label: Futureshock Music
By: Simon Jones | 16 October 2003
  • A: Artizan
  • B: Elixir

D:Facto "Breaks EP 1"

Out Now on Futureshock Music

The duo of Christian Parkinson (aka Christian West) and Jamil Nawaz return as D:Facto on their own label Futureshock Music after a period of silence. Having taken time out to develop the label and work on other projects, they now unite once more, ready to unleash their latest D:Facto works on an unsuspecting public. Unashamedly not hiding anything, the obviously titled 'Breaks EP 1' features two slamming progressive breakbeat tracks which have already been a staple in the sets of one of the genre's champions, DJ Jonathan Lisle. Not a bad endorsement to start things off.

'Artizan' typifies all that is associated with the progressive breakbeat genre, but does not stop there. Wailing ethnic sounds drift through tight industrial beats that edge us slowly into the nucleus of this track, the beats fading out as we shift into the main groove. Subtle melodic layers wash over the beats and filter effects add a certain toughness to the beats, at the same time distorting the haunting sound that returns once more. The energy built up till now is let loose, taking the beats into a uplifting atmospheric outro as the beats fade into the distance. Subtle in it's direction, but powerful in it's delivery, this moody number will captivate the dancefloor.

The b-side, 'Elixir' starts off on a similar tip to how 'Artizan' ends, with spiraling melodic keys leading into some big bass drops which pave the way for a driving beat percussion that is to become the key to this track. Big atmospheric sweeps glide over the beats, lending a big feel to the drums that pound into the groove. Cut up effects and the spiraling melody line work in tandem to lift the mood of the track, climaxing in a huge euphoric breakdown which takes things to the next level. However before you have chance to catch your breath, the beats are back on the attack leading onward to the next onslaught of breaks. Unlike 'Artizan', this track is designed to grab hold of you, and keep a tight grip, and it does that pretty well indeed.

A great EP from D:Facto, exemplifying what is a good progressive breaks record and not merely just filler that seems to be emerging from some of the progressive house names that are jumping on the 'bandwagon'. With another EP and remixes of Bermuda Triangle's 'Tay Do 22' and Jake Todd's 'Nothing Is Real' to look forward to, it would appear that D:Facto's schooling of hard knocks isn't out yet.

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