Artist: D-Nox & Beckers
Title: Naked Punch
Label: Flow Vinyl
By: Andrew Bilen  | 20 February 2007
  • A: Mashtronic Mix
  • B: Original Mix

D-Nox & Beckers "Naked Punch"

Out Now on Flow Vinyl

D-Nox & Beckers and Mashtronic are two sets of producers that are quickly on the rise on the progressive scene. Both of them have a solid set of releases under their belts, even though they are relative newcomers, and have managed to set the bar pretty high for themselves. Tracks such as Jet Lag Slave by D-Nox & Beckers, and Supernova by Mashtronic have caught the attention of DJs and fans, and here we see them collaborate on a release for Flow Vinyl.

The original mix of Naked Punch is a pretty standard progressive affair that incorporates a small taste of the D-Nox & Beckers sound, but with a slightly darker edge. The track is centered around a chugging bass line and stabbing synths, which are supplemented by an indiscernible vocal sample and small bits of glitchy noise. However, the problem here is that the track never really seems to take off, and rather then incorporating any energetic breakdowns, the track carries us through a few subtle changes in intensity that don’t manage to create a whole lot of energy or interest.

Sadly, overall the track is far too generic, and fails to excite. There isn’t much to be heard on this track that you probably haven’t heard before. D-Nox & Beckers have previously released a number of fantastic records, and unfortunately they fall short on Naked Punch, which doesn’t manage to capture the energy and creativity that have made this duo’s previous releases so impressive and catchy.

Thankfully Naked Punch is improved upon at the capable hands of Mashtronic. Even though the trademark Mashtronic sound can be a bit harsh, due to their use of heavily beefed-up bass, they manage to put together a very fresh electro house remix that succeeds where the original did not.

Although the use of elements from the original track are pretty minimal on this remix, it complements the release well because it’s so different. The remix maintains the dark feel of the original, complemented by the thick chunky groove that Mashtronic creates so well. Although this isn’t the best work I’ve heard from them, it’s a solid effort that takes their production into new territory.

Given the names involved, Naked Punch is an underwhelming release. Although D-Nox & Beckers unfortunately turn in a pretty stale original mix, the Mashtronic remix is the better of the two tracks here, and makes this release worth checking out for a good piece of electro house.

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