Artist: D.Diggler
Title: Nail Biter EP
Label: Maschine Ltd
By: Chloe Harris | 13 January 2009
  • A1: Nail
  • B1: Dioxine
  • B2: Kowloon

D.Diggler "Nail Biter EP"D.Diggler "Nail Biter EP"

Out Now on Maschine Ltd

D.Diggler, commonly known as Andreas Mugge, has been making music since the late 90's with releases on Raum…musik, Force Tracks and more. His sound fluctuates between the hardest of techno to the most clean and clear cut minimal, with a huge focus on the sounds themselves. His layers and effects are understated and his tones are easy on the ears while the drums are at times brutal and floor destroying. The Nail Biter EP, for Oliver Lieb's Maschine Limited label, brings D.Diggler's minimal styled funk to floors near you.

'Nail Biter' is the big tune of this EP. Thunderous bass booms plod along with heavy kicks and sharp hats. The groove settles in and builds meticulously and carefully for almost 2/3rd's of the tune with chord stabs mixed in once in a while for good measure. A huge air horn sounding synth wavers in growing bigger as it approaches, swirling overhead. The beats drop for a second as the synth captures everything kicking the drums and bass back in with a huge punch. This tune works a treat in big rooms or at big festivals.

The bumpy drums and bass of 'Dioxine' is up next. There is more funk here than in 'Nail Biter' with the simple chord stabs and groove in the bass as well as some razor sharp techy sounds. The effects are strangely off-kilter creating a wobbly feel that sticks in to the end. Rhythmic beeps and bobs move it along while slow growing synths hide in the background. This is a very percussive tune that can fit anywhere in a set.

'Kowloon' is the last track of the EP and is the more minimal of them all. The beats are big and techy with spatial elements mixed in for good measure while the bass rolls in beneath rather than being bumpy like the previous two tunes. The clever drums are the focus here with so many different sounds going on as it builds yet never seeming like too much. Some cool laser sounds and washy bits roll through but again the drums step in and work it out to the end.

What a brilliant EP of music from D.Diggler! His sound is as easy on the floors as it is on the ears. 2009 is set to be big for Andreas Mugge as well as Oliver's wonderful label Maschine Limited.

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