Artist: Coldhouse V2.0 Feat Muncu
Title: Near C / Solaress
Label: Mechanism Records
By: Simon Jones | 18 April 2003
  • A: Near C
  • B: Solaress

Coldhouse V2.0 Feat Muncu "Near C / Solaress"

Out Now on Mechanism Records

Mehmet Can Erdogan is the latest in a line of producers to emerge out of Turkey, following in the footsteps of others like Yunus Guvenen and DJ Cervus (Subsky). Initially cutting his teeth in production whilst in the US working for Sony, it wasn't long before he got lured by the dance music scene, and with the help of acclaimed producer and dj Murat Uncuoglu started work on some material, with Murat providing helpeful advice. These two tracks are just an indication of his work, with 'Near C' being one of his solo projects, and 'Solaress' being a collaboration between him and Murat.. the results are as follows..

Soft hi-hats sit under the snare that drags us into 'Near C', techy sounds slipping freely through the gaps. As the snare drops, warm pads attach themselves to the groove, taking things deeper as the vocal leads us into a big echoing break, the percussion slowly fading out before becoming more twisted and disjointed as it builds back up, the conga style beats keeping things rolling all the way to end.

The dreamy house rhythms of 'Solaress' are something completely different. Crunchy beats and a constant ambience fuse together, the resulting soundscape just floating along softly as laid back melodic riffs melt into the track, increasing the emotion of the ambience which climaxes during the break, only to fall into a deep house groove that gradually becomes nothing but silence.

Another varied release from Mechanism, with the b-side once again showing a leaning towards melodic house, moving away from the label's usual deep and groovy sound. Could this be a sign of things to come?

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